October 8th, 2009 / 10:53 am
Word Spaces

Word Spaces (17): Heather Christle

Today Heather’s The Difficult Farm is officially arrived and live from Octopus. If you’ve preordered, I believe they are forthcoming. If you haven’t, you should now.

On the event of this event, Heather has kindly shared some talkings about where she makes her words:

Where I write I have only been writing for three months if we are talking about the room.  If we are talking about the chair then it has been just over four years.  If we are talking about my head we should talk about what we talk about when we talk about my head.  You go first.

Once I drew my chair when it was new (to me) and I had fallen in love with a man who had gone away for a while.  I sent him the drawing and because I married him we still have it.  The problem is that he looked through many files and areas and he can’t find it.  He did find this postcard:


Never mind.  It works like this:

I make coffee with this coffeemaker.


I go and sit in my chair and drink coffee and read poems by other people or myself.  After a while I pick up my lap desk.

I used to just lean on a book, but then my parents bought me a lap desk.  I had wanted one ever since I saw Nicole Kidman pretending to be Virginia Woolf using one in The Hours.  You will see what I mean at one minute and twenty-two seconds into this trailer.

There are three windows and they are very dirty.  Taped to the windows are transparencies of Giuseppe Steiner’s days of the week from his Drawn States of Mind.  Saturday looks like this:


When I look out the window I do not know what kind of trees I am looking at.  Also I cannot identify the makes or models of the cars.  I can tell you that one of them is from Vermont because of the license plate.


Once I saw a license plate that said “RED SHIFT” and I thought they were talking about Ted Berrigan’s poem but they were probably just talking about wavelengths.

Sometimes if I am driving and all lit up I will get an idea in my car and will have to try it out immediately.  I drive this car:


I mean “I drive” in the ongoing, usual sense.  Right now its registration is expired and I am not driving it because I do not want to get in trouble.  I am really afraid of getting in trouble.

Let’s go back to the room with the dirty windows.  I do not like purple but the walls are purple.  They were purple when we moved in (three months ago).  Really I suppose you could call them “lilac.”  “Lilac” is a relatively recent addition to our color nomenclature.  Blue is so old and I wish the walls were blue.  “Science has proven that living abroad, being drowsy, and working in a ‘blue’ environment enhance personal creativity.”


If I must go abroad, I would like to move my room to a castle in Italy, which means I need to win this.  I am not willing to be drowsy.

The theme of this post is “castles.”  There are five castles hidden in this post.  How many can you spot?

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  1. Adam Robinson

      Whoa, this is really great.

  2. Adam Robinson

      Whoa, this is really great.

  3. drew kalbach

      favorite word spaces so far i think.

  4. drew kalbach

      favorite word spaces so far i think.

  5. christopher earl.

      heather rules at life; i hope her cat likes me.

  6. christopher earl.

      heather rules at life; i hope her cat likes me.