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25 Points: Factory Hollow Press/Northampton, MA


1. Factory Hollow is the publishing division of Flying Object, which is located in Hadley, which is an over-the-bridge walk from Northampton, which is probably my favorite place in the world.

2. I love Northampton so much that I once kidnapped Mike Young and held him up in Baltimore for ten months. Every day, he had to interact with a dog. The two of them got along just fine.

3. Dick move alert—I waited until the last day of AWP before picking up Mark Leidner’s and Seth Landman’s books. They’re $15 a piece, but I think I got them for $20 total. Take that, capitalism.

4. Before AWP, I had pre-ordered Rachel Glaser’s new book and Heather Christle’s new chapbook. I paid full price for these. Take that, Mark’s Paypal balance.

5. I’m about to review all four of those books in one LeBlog James.


June 5th, 2013 / 10:37 pm

“The bad word and the bad word and
The word which glamours me with some
Quick face it pulls to make me let
It leave me to go across
In roughly your direction, hates
To go out maybe so completely
On another silence not its own.”

fromApproaches to How They Behave” — W.S. Graham (thanks to Heather Christle for the spot)

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Okay, so Derrick Rose will maybe never again play basketball like such a firefly, but that doesn’t mean you should stop believing in the triumph of the canny and soulful: for example, friend of the GIANT Heather Christle has won The Believer‘s 2011 Poetry Award for her book The Trees The Trees. Congratulations, Heather!

Sunday Night Poem

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August 21st, 2011 / 7:01 pm

Call Heather Christle at (413) 570-3077

On the occasion of the release of her second book of poems, The Trees The Trees, which just came out from Octopus, and is indeed mazelike, Heather Christle has secured a phone number that you can call her at, through which she will read to you a poem. This begins today and will continue through July 14th.

The number is (413) 570-3077

Calls answered during Eastern Standard Times:

M: 10am-6pm
T: 10am-1pm
W: 10am-6pm
Th: 10am-1pm
F: 10am-6pm
S: 12pm-6pm
Su: 12pm-6pm

Get the book while you’re at it; it’s unprecedented, and gorgeous.

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July 1st, 2011 / 9:20 am

Take two for wanting

1. Beecher’s Magazine is now available. Look at the list of contributors. I like how they show what’s poetry and what’s fiction.

2. Feast your eyes on the cover of Heather Christle’s new book, which will be available July 1:

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May 26th, 2011 / 7:49 am

I’m on spring break right now

–>VIDEO: Adam Robinson and Stephanie Barber @ The Poetry Project

–>WWAATD: Everyone’s favorite poet Heather Christle writes about the poetry of foreign language textbooks.  Here is an excerpt:

1  The patio looks very neat.

2  The apartment is unoccupied.

3  The desk is unoccupied.

4  The kitchen looks very neat.

5  The house looks very neat.

6  The rooms are unoccupied.

7  The houses are unoccupied.

–>NEW YORK: Monkey Bicycle 8 release reading this Wednesday, 7 PM, The Cakeshop, INFO

–>SUBMIT/READ: Patasola Press is Patasola Press (print) and Caper Literary Journal (online) and they will publish you if they like your work.

–>THING: Everyone’s favorite poet Matthew Rohrer writes here about how his work changed from 1995 to 2007.  If you click around you can find out that this is part of a series in which poets talk about how their work has changed over time, which is cool.

–>PODCAST: No Slander Podcast, featuring Michael Earl Craig in episode two.  Recordings of Michael Earl Craig are hard to find.

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March 14th, 2011 / 9:28 pm

Matthew Rohrer reads two poems on a Poetry Foundation podcast and they get talked about and talked about.  Heather Christle‘s insight is provided.  Curtis Fox writes with a pencil.

1. 1st issue of adjnoun comes in a ltd ed of 200, letterpressed and wild with Ohle, Markus, Lopez, myself, some other freaks.
2. Pitchfork runs an article I actually liked reading, on “drag”.
3. Heather Christle be tweeting for the month of June for @harriet_poetry.

1. @ Autotypist, Jeremy James Thompson presents 103 Image Search Results for Poetry Characterized Differently by an Assortment of Commonly Associated Adjectives
2. @ Almost Dorothy, an interview with Heather Christle
3. New issue 10.2 of Diagram

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