November 28th, 2011 / 5:21 pm
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Trailer for Jordan Castro Interview with Megan Boyle Includes Physical Violence

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  1. Tummler
  2. Ryan Sanford Smith

      Hi my name’s Megan Boyle, and welcome to JACKASS!


  3. jesusangelgarcia
  4. bartleby_taco

      think i might have felt aroused by this video slightly

      is something wrong w/ me

      i dont want to be a freak in a real way

      just a funny freak or something

      like someone would say ”yeah bartleby_taco [ed note: this is my birth name], i was hanging out with him last night and that guy is a freak, he’s good.”

      just want to be a good boy, growing toward becoming a good healthy man

  5. Matt Rowan

      I’m just gonna go ahead and say it, would have preferred Jordan Castro got slapped. Just had that look like he was aching for one, with some big hand that’s maybe gloved and white like a cartoon’s. 

  6. Deadgodfan1


  7. Deadgodfan1

      This vid couldn’t be any more perfect.

  8. Mr. Ian M. Belcurry

      that was awesome. I thought ‘drugs’ and then ‘sadomasochism.’ I got the book in the mail on wednesday!

  9. Jules

      I really enjoyed the video while it was playing.

  10. Matt Rowan


  11. Mr. Ian M. Belcurry

      You know, I don’t mind a smack in the face during sex. Took a good deal of sex before I even realized it. It’s not freaky. Seemed more an artisitic smack in the face though. Thought ‘family guy.’ thought ‘kool-aid.’ thought ‘oh yeah!’ in kool-aid voice.

  12. Tummler

      Jordan on Facebook: “i punched her…with a closed fist…lol…”

  13. Leapsloth14

      What the fuck is this bullshit?

  14. ab

      wow; how profound; what an artistic statement. aren’t these people brave for being so alt and out there. aren’t you so cool when you tell us you ‘enjoyed watching this video’ or talk to us about how you ‘punched her lol’.

      i wonder what distinguishes an ‘artistic smack in the face’ from an actual smack in the face. and what exactly is arousing about either of those things. particularly if they are done for something as silly as a trailer for a book.

  15. Ryan Sanford Smith

      What the fuck does it mean to be profound?

  16. Mark C

      this reminds me of the time when i might have accidentally walked in on Megan while she was peeing.

  17. Jordan

      it is a video trailer for my forthcoming video interview with megan boyle [female in video]’s poetry book ‘selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee’ (muumuu house, 2011) []

  18. Jordan

      can you elaborate? i feel interested in what reminded you of it

  19. Jordan

      i don’t think megan and i did this to be ‘profound’ or make an ‘artistic statement’ or be ‘brave’ or ‘out there’ or ‘cool’

      i think ‘arousing’ is subjective and can be different for everyone, i feel glad that someone felt aroused, i think, via my understanding/experience with ‘arousal’ is desirable

      this isn’t a trailer for her book, it’s a trailer for my forthcoming video interview with megan about her book

  20. deadgod's frustrated editor

      Funny video for the under-21 demographic. 

  21. postitbreakup

      1. since when do interviews require trailers


  22. ab

      fair enough. my instinct was to try to make sense of this video as some kind of statement, or something that aspires to some kind of meaning, which is why i responded the way that i did. maybe sometimes a slap is just a slap the way a tree is just a tree— to say otherwise might not be the right instinct but it is the one i have. and i guess what i am trying to say here is that i find someone punching/hitting/slapping someone else for the sake of advertising something, like a book, or something for a something, like an interview for a book, meaningless, and frankly repellent and something about seeing someone get punched and a lot of people laugh about it feels deeply discomfiting to me. but i see how you can disagree. anyways.

  23. Cassandra Troyan

      what drugs were you on?

  24. Bobby Dixon

      This is an important question. 

  25. Muumuu House
  26. Ryan Sanford Smith

      If books can have trailers I’m not aware of anything that cannot / should not.

  27. deadgod

      ^ better joke without the link ^

  28. deadgod

      things that are briefer than their trailers?  like the trailer for a glimpse?

      you could have a five-hour trailer for Stalker or L’eclisse I guess

  29. deadgod

      is that an image of a cross-section of teats and a prominent backbone

  30. postitbreakup

      that doesn’t make sense. i wouldn’t think that interviews with film directors would have trailers either. it’s an interview. 

      whatever. i have to get back to the trailer for the interview i did about my book trailer’s trailer

  31. deadgod

      They’d have gotten a lot more attention if he’d pepper-sprayed her:  Occupy Muumuuviana.

  32. deadgod

      asking questions without saying the fuck

  33. postitbreakup


  34. Unableham
  35. deadgod

      ^ irony tesseract ^

  36. Matt Rowan

      Geesus, I think Megan is funny / have liked much of the work of hers I’ve read to date. I’m indifferent — so far — to you, Jordan, which means I’ll play the old “wait and see” game, a game I love. 

      Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, holy hell I forgot how this place lights up whenever anything remotely related to Tao Lin and / or Muumuu House gets posted. There, that’s my point. It’s like those sports teams whose fans travel well. You’re the Yankees, Cubs and Red Sox fans of Indie lit.  

  37. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Seven weeks ago I picked up Victor Cruz off waivers, and I’m in a keeper league. Think about it.

  38. Ryan Sanford Smith

      Whoa, whoa, watch out everyone, deadgod is schooling me over here with his Mother Fucking Awesome degree in Badass Profoundery. 

  39. M. Kitchell

      gonna make a video trailer for my next htmlgiant comment

  40. Ryan Sanford Smith

      Yeah, you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

  41. Mason Johnson


  42. Karim Kazemi

      That slap seemed intense. I feel like Jordan didn’t intend to hit her with such velocity / force / magnitude [any other adjective used to describe intensity of hit]

      I like how Megan kept reading afterwards.

  43. Mason Johnson

      Clearly, you haven’t seen any music videos by Hall & Oates. Now THOSE are perfect.

  44. Zachery Wood

      it feels like my life feels better now

  45. Mason Johnson

      How the fuck do you do that?

  46. Matt Rowan

      WHoa man, just so you know, and I don’t want to be a jerk here, but just so you know, “profoundery” is a non-standard word, IF it’s a word at all. And between you and me, I’m like 99% sure it isn’t. Like just almost 99.9%. And even if it was, were, whathaveyou, I don’t think it would be Badass. I just don’t. 

  47. Zachery Wood

      god i can’t wait

  48. Mason Johnson

      *makes masturbation gesture

      Can’t get that minute, forty-one seconds back!

  49. Mason Johnson

      So why did you do it then? Just for shits and giggles?

  50. Chuck Palahniuk

      I farted super hard.

  51. PinkMaltese

      Pretty sure the hit is fake. If you watch closely it doesn’t look like he really hits her and the sound seems overdubbed.

      The sound of the hit, her hair being in the way and the way his fist was shaped wouldn’t make that kind of slapping sound.

  52. PinkMaltese


  53. deadgod's frustrated editor

      can u elaborate? 

  54. mimi

      the difference is, JACKASS is actually funny

  55. deadgod

      voice recognition should have a sphinctoscript pronto

  56. deadgod

      what did you do with the money

  57. megan boyle

      i had fun hanging out with jordan last week. he asked me questions about my book and stuff. at one point i asked him to punch me because i’ve never been punched before. we recorded all of that on our laptops.

  58. megan boyle

      i had fun hanging out with jordan last week. he asked me questions about my book and other things. at one point i asked him to punch me because i’ve never been punched. we recorded all of that on our laptops.

  59. megan boyle
  60. megan boyle

      m kitchell,

      i thought your comment was funny. jordan and i joked about making trailers for our tweets.


  61. Zachary German

      i guess my cat peed on my bed while i was in new york city

      seems like.. i can feel how hard the world is going to be to me hereafter.

  62. Jordan

      if someone wants to pay me an amount of money to film a video of someone punching me in the face ‘very hard’ and/or get pepper-sprayed, i feel interested in that

      email jordancastroisthepresident[at]gmail[dot]com

  63. Jordan

      i don’t think interviews require trailers

  64. Jordan


  65. Jordan

      i think it is mentioned in the interview at some point

      ‘guess you’ll just have to wait to watch the video to know’


  66. Jordan

      it wasn’t a ‘slap,’ i punched her with a closed fist

      i don’t think i meant to hit her as hard as i did either…lol…’she wanted me to punch her though’…just looking out for my friends’ desires i guess…hehe…

      i like how megan kept reading afterward too

  67. Jordan

      the hit wasn’t fake and the sound wasn’t overdubbed

  68. Jordan


  69. Tummler

      hey qt ;-]

  70. Carlos Ortiz

      made me laugh quietly and think “lmao”

  71. Carlos Ortiz

      the whole trailer is Taiwanese CGI

  72. Mason Johnson

      Gotchya. And how was the experience? Would you do it again? Recommend it to others? Did jordan hurt his hand punching you?

      I don’t like the video. That aside, I hope the book’s good and does well.

  73. Mason Johnson

      I like this video more than the interview trailer. It’s got pizzazz.

  74. Lilzed

      I didn’t laugh. I feel neutral about this video. I felt I was watching two people have fun mostly. The slap, in some odd way, felt like an attempt to connect / a connection with the audience. I agree the concept of the slap as humorous is disturbing. But without it, we would’ve been “only” voyeurs. Given what the video depicted until then. Does that make sense?

  75. JimmyDean16ozSausage

      It’s just mindless, viral PR.  How ironic–“experimental” writers practicing the same lazy, cheap tactics as corporate advertisers for no subversive or meaningful reason other than to push product/brand/etc. How can these kids be so unambitious? 

  76. JimmyDean16ozSausage

      Eh, “the slap” was just idiotic, Jackass/Johnny Knoxville stoner humor. Nothing more, nothing less.

  77. Ryan Call

      whoa, darren sproles is only 5’6″

  78. Mason Johnson
  79. Matt Rowan

      No, but I’d be happy to do the slapping / punching / take your pick, and free of charge!

  80. Mason Johnson

      Do I smell a kickstart campaign?

  81. M. Kitchell

      while this is a comment made in some sort of “those darn kids” attitude, i find that this might actually highlight my dissatisfaction with muumuuvians:  “how can these [people] be so unambitious” actually gets to the heart of what i find problematic.

  82. M. Kitchell

      i lol’d

  83. David Fishkind

      why ‘under-21’? not accusatory, just… curious. like the ability to legally drink and rent a car (albeit at a higher rate than ‘the over-25 demographic’) affects people’s senses of humor? why do you think that…? i ask because i will be 21 in 3 weeks, and i think i will still find the things i find funny now to be funny then…

  84. Jordan

      i only feel interested in doing it for money, sorry bro

  85. Jordan

      feel free to start one if you’d like

  86. Lilzed

      I think it’s still pretty novel for writers to be doing things like this at all (pushing product, brand). One thing I find ambitious : their determination to inhabit the public sphere while maintaining integrity as artists. Or, maybe I just keep expecting them to blossom.

  87. Nick Mamatas


      Yeah, you’re jealous.

  88. deadgod

      I feel like I was talking about attention, not money

      I feel like I have little interest in your interest in getting paid to be punched or pepper-sprayed on video for money, but I feel like telling you that I feel, even without personal experience as a participant or consumer of such documents, certain that you can make some money in this modern and (what I feel like is an) exciting or ‘exciting’ way

      I also feel like saying that I feel like advertising your availability for this work in this way has a small but not negligible chance for success, although I can’t tell if I feel like I feel interested in ‘being kept posted’ on the success or failure of this advertising scheme

  89. Mason Johnson

      I should have said “punchstarter.” It would have been funnier. Sigh.

  90. Anonymous

      what if he just finds you?

  91. Anonymous

      Yes.  This.

  92. Anonymous

      You’re nice, Mason.

  93. Jordan

      he’s finna meet his great-great-grandparents i guess

  94. Jordan

      i don’t view it as an advertising scheme, just an offer

      i need money…

  95. Jordan

      i don’t view filming ~4 hours of footage for an interview about a book that megan wrote and got published by muumuu house then creating a video trailer for the forthcoming interview as ‘unambitious’

  96. Jordan

      my hand didn’t hurt punching megan

  97. Matt Rowan

      You misunderstand me Jordan. I wouldn’t dream of having you do it without being paid. I’m just saying, for those who’d like their money’s worth, I am offering my services as puncher to you, the punchee (or whatever, e.g. just give me the pepper spray and I’ll do what I can to spray you in the face with it indefinitely). And there’s Mason’s punchstarter campaign coming into the picture once again. Our tagline “Help, raise money for me, Matt Rowan, to punch (or whatever) him, Jordan Castro, in the face.”

  98. Anonymous

      my dad filmed ~4 hours of footage of thanksgiving.  it was really ambitious.

  99. Mason Johnson

      Maybe “funny video for the people-born-in-the-90s demographic” would be better?

  100. JimmyDean16ozSausage

      Jealous? LOL! Of what? Hilarious. 

  101. JimmyDean16ozSausage

      Yes, because the mere punching of a time card proves ambition. 

  102. Mason Johnson

      That is good to know.

  103. Anonymous

      Matt Rowan is a very large, very strong individual.  Good luck.

  104. bartleby_taco

      just want to add an addendum to my previous comment, because i feel like the fact that this thread has 90 comments is indicative of something perhaps ‘weird’ with a lot of the stuff that goes on on this website:

      hating on muumuuvians to me seems like the equivalent for hating someone for living in williamsburg, or like, hating on ‘hipsters’, or hating on some form of music that is super hip nowadays; that is, just like, get over it.

      i thought this was a neat video and thats cool, i like watching neat things. below this post there is a post re: ‘favorite reads of 2011’, a post that i would think would attract a lot of people to not only share their own favorite reads from the year 2011, but also discuss why they think whatever book that came out in 2011 was a great one and worth reading. i would think this post would have like 100+ comments, given that this website is about literature and the people that are interested in it. that post has about 9 comments, this one has about 90.

      the point i am getting at: if you are a person who dislikes muumuu house, tao lin, and anything related with it, just like, don’t watch the video, read the post, or whatever else? why does the opposite happen so frequently??

      im feeling a little too high and mighty writing all of this stuff so im sorry if it came across that way!! just trying to point out that, despite the amount of people arguing over some bullshit on a thread related to something they obstensibly don’t care for, they are, by exclusion, not really engaging in other perhaps more productive things. but look whos talking why am i on this website why am i not playing with my cats or reading or something !!

  105. Mason Johnson


      Can I still hate Arizona for no reason whatsoever?

      Why aren’t you off playing with your cats instead of this?

  106. megan boyle

      the experience of getting interviewed by jordan was fun

      the experience of getting punched was about what i expected

      would probably not want to do it again voluntarily and i hope it doesn’t happen to me involuntarily

      i recommend doing reckless/impulsive stuff with friends because i usually don’t forget that stuff and it makes me feel good about being alive sometimes

      unsure if jordan hurt his hand

      thank you for wanting my book to do well

  107. megan boyle

      what are some things you find meaningful?

  108. StupidHouse

      Good grief, grow up. You and the other MooCowHouse writers love to play this game–here’s how it works: someone calls you out on your BS, and you then ask them to either “elaborate” or provide an alternative list of “meaningful things.” Why is this website wasting space on y’all when there are so many other writers out there who work harder and actually have something to say? 

  109. deadgod

      I feel that it is an offer made public, which I feel is distinct from but not substantially, essentially, logically, or metaphysically different than an advertising scheme, but rather, different only in the sense that a definition is distinct from the term it defines

      I feel that I am open to further clarification as to your offer not actually belonging to a species of ‘advertising’, and I also feel charitable towards your feeling of ‘need’ for money, but not charitable enough to donate any to you, which I feel that you might feel is not actually ‘charitable’, but rather, is some other kind of fellow-feeling

  110. Veronica

      megan boyle has pretty hair.

  111. Mike

      you can’t be serious with this shit. it’s just people having fun and being happy. they’re not trying to frame it as some huge artistic statement.

  112. marshall

      my big brother went to high school with darren sproles

      they were on the football team together

      olathe, kansas

  113. deadgod

      I speak as someone not much knowledgeable about muumuuvian literature outside of links to material found here (not infrequent, but not so copious as, say, a novel) and a bit familiar with (what I take to be) the muumuuvian epistemology (to me, a pragmatic phenomenology:  ‘if it works at describing the experience of an experience, that description is “true” to the experience of having had that experience, or at least “true” to the possibility of the experience of that experience being described’):  there’s plenty of pro-muumuuvian push-back against the anti-muumuuvian “hate” on this thread and here generally.  I don’t believe that the actors in the video above would reasonably be surprised at or disappointed by the reactions here to their provocative performances.

      What happens on these muumuuviana threads is, to me, a kind of fun–which might disclose a distressingly puny ambition, or maybe a zone – a compartment – of (limited) ‘freedom’ from grief and oblivion.

  114. M. Kitchell

      that’s literally part of my problem with “art” today.  when will our culture move beyond this “god nothing has to be serious” stage and start attempting to have meaning again?

  115. M. Kitchell

      i have a pretty ass, can somebody from nylon interview me now?  (joke) ((maybe))

  116. Jordan


      i don’t care who is the puncher/sprayer as long as i get paid…

  117. Ryan Call

      wait, really? that is cool, marshall. i watched him last night and thought, man he looks short, and then i looked him up on wikipedia and was so happy.

  118. Jordan

      i think one can view that as ambitious. for example, if your dad’s goal was to remember details of thanksgiving or to document thanksgiving or [something else] and he filmed it to acheive his end, he perceived a goal and took action in concrete reality to achieve that…

      i also think, aside from filming ~4 hours, megan writing the book, tao publishing the book, me reading the book ~5x pre-interview, me thinking about/writing interview questions, me editing the interview, are all acts i don’t view as ‘unambitious’

  119. Jordan

      in some cases, i think it does

  120. shaun gannon

      i didn’t watch the video

  121. Zach

      drop trou and we’ll see what we can do

  122. Matt Rowan

      All right, then, it’s settled. I really need to get a paypal account started. This isn’t gonna be one of those things where you wuss out and say you’ll only allow me to punch you in the face for some exorbitant price? I feel like we’re talking no more than, what, 60 bucks? I’ll ask for an appraisal but my estimated guess is you won’t get a better number than that, 60 bucks. Maybe 55.

  123. Jordan

      i think it can actually be considered an ‘advertising scheme,’ i just looked up the definition of ‘scheme’

      i need money…

  124. Jordan

      thank you

  125. Mike

      hey i like complex, serious art as much as the next guy, but i also like to see cute people being “authentically” happy. 

      i’m not sure I know what you mean by ‘meaning’  ??

  126. Jordan

      $60 sounds good, sweet

  127. M. Kitchell

      brb, gonna go make a video trailer for my comment asking you if you can “elaborate” on what you mean by “mean by ‘meaning'”

  128. StupidHouse

      You can’t be serious if you think this video is “just people having authentic fun.” It’s this sort of feigned, twee transparency that annoys people. 

  129. Mike

      meaning ist mean and means to mean

  130. Mike


  131. Anonymous

      I think this response gets at what Mike is talking about.

      That said, I like what I’ve read of Megan’s book and she seems cool.

  132. Anonymous

      I really don’t think I can make myself watch this video.  I keep
      starting it and then turning it off before anything happens.  I feel
      like I will feel like the world is an awful place if I watch it.  I don’t think people hitting people is funny.  I didn’t really like Jackass.

  133. ab

      well to be fair it’s a legitimate question. one that i don’t really have a good answer for. which probably reflects poorly on me. i suppose you could say it is easier to judge what is not meaningful, or without meaning, then to clearly define things you find meaningful or judge to have meaning. and this seems problematic.
      these are conclusions that i would not have come to if megan boyle hadn’t asked me the question, so i do appreciate that, thanks

  134. ab

      the video i saw in this post troubled me for reasons tangentially related to muumuu house and i said so. i don’t necessarily dislike muumuu house. people have replied with interesting conversation and points i had not thought of before and though my judgment on the video hasn’t changed, i feel i’ve been edified by this. at least i don’t feel it’s been unproductive. i don’t know. in any case this’ll likely be the last i say on the subject

  135. Matt Rowan

      Excellent, then, no take backs. 60 dollars. I’ll begin raising the money immediately. 

      Now you just have to choose which one, punch, pepper spray, other painful means. 

  136. Matt Rowan

      You forgot to mention how relentless I am, Russ!

  137. William Owen

      ‘You fool! As if it matters how a man punches a time card.’ And Richard says, ‘When the time card’s all that’s left, it matters a great deal.’

  138. Mason Johnson

      Now the question is: have YOU punched someone, Megan? Is this something you will pursue? And who will it be, and how?

  139. M. Kitchell

      why do you need money

  140. Guestagain

      attempted meaning would be to stage this in a very serious performance art climate and a female writer is reading then suddenly punched in the face and gets up bloody and continues reading

  141. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      real fake

  142. Jordan


  143. Mason Johnson

      Matt Rowan was the captain of the high school football team.
      Matt Rowan looks like Indie Superman… but taller.
      Matt Rowan kicks and punches bamboo trees to strengthen his shins and knuckles.
      Or was that Van Damme?

  144. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      thought that was the muumuuvian response to give. but for seriously, though. the video made me laugh. like. this is how my friends and me get along. but then i got sad. the video made me feel a sense of desperation. maybe because this is how my friends and me get along. i’m not sure.
      but more than just wanting to add another comment to this conversation, i think it’s fair to feel confused by this video. i think it was the tone in her voice after the smack – a slightly inebriated tone that wanted a hug more than another smack. i’m not sure.
      i wish this book success. i’ve totally enjoyed every excerpt i’ve read or have heard read. and when i sell enough food stamps to the collectors down the street, i’ll send my paypal 12 to muumuu house and buy myself a copy.
      be easy

  145. Jordan

      my friend loaned me $600 and someone robbed me so i have to pay her back, i have no money left on my ‘meal plan’ at school, ~$60 in my bank account, and no consistent means of income

      i also want money for recording time re the ohioans’ next cd, jordan castro/the ohioans stickers, the ability to do/obtain [certain things that cost money that i desire], [other things]

  146. Jordan

      pepper spray seems interesting, i’ve never been pepper sprayed before, i’ll do that

  147. Jordan

      can you elaborate re ‘gets at what Mike is talking about’?

      i’m glad you like what you’ve read of megan’s book, i like it and think she is cool too

  148. R. Kelly

      Why ya’ll so mad? lol

  149. Mr. Ian M. Belcurry

      be nice. Jesus would

  150. Anonymous

      It shows you have a pretty low bar for what you consider “ambitious”.

  151. Mark

      where did you get ‘got’? 

  152. Jordan

      i think ambition, based on my understanding, is when one perceives a goal and takes action to achieve said goal then acheives said goal

      i also think ambition is subjective…it seems like we have different views of what is ambitious which isn’t good or bad, just different, but i wouldn’t say that we aren’t ambitious, just maybe not as ambitious as other people in comparison

      i also don’t think my goal is to be ambitious, just to perceive goals and act in a manner that enables me to acheive them

  153. Jordan

      akron, ohio

  154. Gary

      mmkay, that would make it so much more ‘meaningful’. i think the video’s beautiful. the weird red lighting, the meaninglessness of it. sad.

  155. Anonymous

      Of course it’s subjective.  And based on what you’ve said, I would say your definition is significantly more inclusive than most.  Which is pretty much what Mike was saying.  I’m not sure there’s any point arguing about the difference between saying you’re unambitious and saying you’re ambitious by your own definition, which is much much much more flexible than most people’s definition.  Technically, I guess ambitious means having an ambition, and whatever someone’s ambition is is really up to them.  That said, the word doesn’t really mean anything when you use it that way.  You could say “my ambition is to poop” and then shit your pants and then you would be an ambitious person who fulfilled his ambition.

  156. deadgod

      I feel that that is a wise choice, but not on the grounds of its relative interest

      rather, while I feel that nobody enjoys, and quite few feel interest while, being poison-gassed, I feel that most people (by far) would prefer it, in terms either of pleasure or interest or any other terms I can think of right now, to being punched in one of several areas of the ‘face’–on the grounds of (likely) impermanence (or likely relatively low persisting magnitude) of consequences of being poison-gassed to the consequences of being rocked in, say, the teeth

  157. Mason Johnson

      I wish one of the things on the bracket was

      Mr. Februaryy’s dad recording thanksgiving  VS Jordan Castro’s 4 hour interview

      Go thanksgiving video!

  158. marshall

      U MAD

  159. marshall

      U MAD

  160. marshall

      U MAD

  161. marshall

      U MAD

  162. marshall

      U MAD

  163. marshall

      U MAD

  164. marshall

      U MAD

  165. marshall

      U MAD

  166. marshall

      U MAD

  167. marshall

      U MAD

  168. marshall

      U MAD

  169. marshall

      U MAD

  170. Anonymous
  171. Anonymous

      I know how you love white rappers.

  172. Guestagain

      I was being half sarcastic about leading the witness with an ‘attempted’ or explicitly meaningful presentation of a serious official art act type of thing although this is bleary, no attempt was made here, all in good fun. view this as sad, abrupt, exiting and it’s meaningful by accident

  173. mimi


  174. Gary

      how about i view it as a garden-variety gaping asshole. Okay then, it’s settled.

  175. not impressed

      you hit like a major pansy-assed lil boy.  

  176. Ben

      Felt legitimate ‘horror’ after watching this.
      Guess I’m a bitch or something.

  177. Guestagain

      everyone is entitled to at least an opinion, I’m really not arguing with you

  178. marshall



  179. Mason Johnson

      That’s probably the best response, actually.