March 1st, 2011 / 7:56 pm
Author Spotlight

Touch a little extra on the rough parts

This is great. Baby on the Safe Side. A collection of poems written by Sarah Bartlett and Emily Kendal Frey, available for free reading from Publishing Genius. Add them to your Tuesday reading list. These 20 poems are funny and trenchant like crazy, and they make for a fast read. I laughed a lot, then cracked my knuckles and said “ex-cellent.” The kids are all right. Aren’t they?

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  1. Trey

      thank you thank you thank you

      lots of amazing stuff here lately.

      I unsuccessfully attempted to post this comment like 5 times earlier right after the article posted but it didn’t work and then I was paranoid that I had unwittingly posted 5 comments that would show up later.

  2. rachel

      Babies have never rocked harder.

  3. Anonymous

  4. Kevin Sampsell

      Awesome collaboration!

  5. deadgod

      You don’t hear me
      making comments
      about your vagina.

      four most dangerous words in English: Go Ahead And Shoot

  6. adam m.

      nice. this is good. i wish i was emily kendal frey.

  7. Christopher Higgs

      I just read this and enjoyed the hell out of it.

      It conjured simultaneous images of Portlandia (“When you said your baby was named Disciple.” + “Thanks for bringing your baby to the coffee shop.” + “I bet it has beard burn.”) and Samantha from Sex in the City (toward the end of the show, after Miranda has her baby and Samantha is irked about it).

  8. Anonymous

  9. Anonymous

  10. Julian Tully Alexander

      This is great. Normally I hate things about or involving babies.

  11. Michael

      Loved this — would like to hear about how Emily and Sarah collaborated.

  12. Jgygyug

  13. Tdrt

  14. Etert

  15. Sarah Gallien

      Superb, as always you two. Finally, poetry about babies I don’t hate. Finally, poetry that makes me giggle.

      Much love,
      Person Purse

  16. Anonymous

      I read this while I was drunk on the subway and laughed out loud 3 or 4 times which made everyone look at me with disgust. (Then I read it again the next day and the next day.)