January 10th, 2012 / 3:36 pm
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Jordan Castro interviews Megan Boyle

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  1. sorrytoknow

      tao and boyle are over, i guess. tao is probably somewhat of a ‘cynical’ guy (via richard yates/this), divorcing/separating from a juke wife right when her book is published on his small press . seems quite cynical.

      megan, i’m sorry, you probably feel bad.

  2. 88888888888888888888888


  3. Scottmcclanahan


  4. Mapangui

      “like… like… like………

  5. LikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLike

      Has anyone told her that it’s sort of embarrassing for a writer to use “like” so often?

  6. François Luong

      You need to get out, like, more often.

  7. LikeSquared

      Like, whatever.

  8. marshall

      are you embarrassed or is she embarrassed

      she doesnt seem embarrassed

  9. LikeSquared

      True. Drugs will do that to you.

  10. gene

      being a writer is embarrassing.

  11. Jimmy Chen

      i like megan’s annie hall-ish initial outfit, seems like something she could wear to 2nd okcupid date at sotta sopra on n. charles st with a 36-yr-old ‘start-up developer’ & avid thought catalog reader trying to get into the next installment of boyle’s ‘everyone i’ve had sex with’ series

  12. LikeSquared

      Not as embarassing as an adult talking like a 12-year old kid at the mall.

  13. Anonymous

      did you google “2nd okcupid date with a 36-yr-old ‘start-up developer’ baltimore” to get sotta sopra? 

  14. Matthew Simmons

      They seem stoned.

      I mean, I don’t want to alarm everybody.

  15. maggie


  16. megan boyle

      my apartment in baltimore was 3-4 blocks north of sotto sopra, heh

  17. reynard

      ‘i’m not sixteen anymore but i feel like i’m five with sunglasses on’ – ryan trecartin

  18. megan boyle
  19. AcidMakesMeInteresting

      The bit where she asked to get punched in the face and then was punched in the face by the spooky man-child was probably the high point. I imagine this will appear on creative writing syllabi the land over as it illustrates so much about what real art is all about…and like also when she like takes like her shirt like off.

  20. lorian long

      megan boyle seems like a good person

  21. alan

      Fuck you.

  22. why

      why does this exist?

  23. Jonathan Safran Foer

      Megan, “I regret that it takes a life to learn how to live.” Okay. So I find two fundamental issues with your character – 1) your name is perhaps missing an A and/or an H 2) from your behavior I think you are a meat eater.

  24. Captain Dirk

      Two little degenerate retards who’ll be in rehab in five years.

  25. Bobby Dixon

      I hope you have a sex tape coming out

  26. Jonathan Safran Foer
  27. QuoteAuthorUnquoteSpotlight

      To provide certain people the illusion of relevance.

  28. Jonathan Safran Foer

      When Hustler was considering a literary supplement a few years ago there was an offer made. I refused. 

  29. Mungscum

      what’s wrong with going to rehab?

  30. postitbreakup

      rehab is for quitters

  31. William Owen

      The original was better because it had an orangutan named Clyde.

  32. Jordan

      the definition of ’embarassing,’ according to the dictionary app on my macbook, is “cause (someone) to feel awkward, self-conscious, or ashamed,” and i think if saying “like” was embarassing to megan, she wouldn’t say it

      re “for a writer,” i don’t think writers “should” or “shouldn’t” use certain words or be censored/change “simply” for being a person who writes. your seem to view “writer” as some sort of abstraction or something, not as people who write

      saying “like” before/in the middle/end of sentences can be a pause for further thought about what [person] wants to say, in an effort to not say something unclearly and convey his/her meaning more accurately, in his/her view

      saying “like” before/in the middle/end of sentences can also indicate feelings of anxiety/confusion/excitement, in which case i wouldn’t view it as “embarassing,” in the same way i wouldn’t view smiling when one feels excited as “embarassing”

  33. Jordan

      i don’t think drugs “will [definitely] do” [any specific thing] to anyone, in terms of how s/he will specifically think/speak/feels/act

      i know people who do drugs and don’t say regularly say “like”

  34. Jordan

      i think i misunderstood your original comment, sorry

  35. Jordan
  36. Jordan

      i don’t know and/or care about if anything i create appears on creative writing syllabi

      i don’t think there is “real art” or “fake art,” just “art”

      she changed outfits between questions for a period of time because, based on my memory, she couldn’t decide what to wear and thought it’d be funny/satisfying to wear all of the ones she was trying to decide between

  37. Jordan

      i like megan and megan’s writing and wanted to interview her about it to help promote it and to hear answers to questions i had about her and the book

      “when i was thinking about what questions to ask
      megan for the interview, i decided to ‘simply’ ask her questions about things i
      was interested in hearing about. not ‘only’ in terms of her as a writer, but in
      terms of her as her, because that’d ideally be what i’d want to read/see in an
      interview – answers to questions i feel interested in hearing the answer to


      we decided to do a video interview because we
      thought it’d be fun to do a video interview”

      [via http://www.animalsorrow.com/2012/01/megan-boyle-interview-video.html]

  38. Jordan

      can you please predict other aspects of my life in five years? i’m interested in the truth about myself.

  39. Evan Hatch

      What the fuck is a juke?

  40. Evan Hatch

      I feel glad that this exists, even if it is undeniably masturbatory. I’m developing genuine fondness for Jordan Castro whereas I once saw him as a ‘shark nigga’, although maybe its just the mere exposure effect or something.

  41. Captain Dirk

      Beyond rehab, I don’t think there’s much hope for you two. Do you think you’ll be able to get away with writing like a child with profound autism when you’re in your 30s? You’ll all fade away with your tight pants and monotone blatherings. Some of you will go to prison for doing bizarre things with microwaves and small mammals, and the like, no doubt, once the thrill of being completely useless to the world wears thin — I mean, when you’re a desensitived, drug-abusing internet casualty, what’s left? I’ll you: Jail or a mental hospital.

  42. LikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLike


  43. Jordan

      “hope”? you’re funny

      i don’t know if i will live to be 30. i don’t “get away” with things i do, i do themalso, i think there’s a book about a dog or something in which the protagonist/narrator is a child with profound autism and i think the author of that book was >30 years oldi don’t think i have anything to “fade away” from, just moments and moment until death

      “useful” can only mean something in terms of specific goals/contexts, and in terms of the world, the world doesn’t have a “use” for us

      i don’t view me or megan as “desensitived, drug-abusing internet casulty,” i view us as me, jordan, and her, megan, and what’s left is me, jordan, and her, megan, and whatever we do/wherever we are at any given moment

      if jail or a mental hospital happens to be one of those places, then WOO HOO, THE STATE FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT! I’M AN INSANE CRIMINAL! 

  44. postitbreakup

      would you please answer my formspring question?

  45. Jordan

      formspring questions are currently ‘piling up’ in my inbox, my plan was to watch a music video on youtube, smoke a cigarette, then return to to the internet to nurture formspring

      if you comment this letting me know which question is yours before i get back from smoking, i’ll respond to your question before i respond to the others

  46. LikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLike

      Close your little dictionary and stop over-thinking a common figure of speech )”I’m embarrassed for her” or “it’s embarrassing for a person to behave this way”). Both can be used without necessarily suggesting that the cluelessly unaware person is embarrassed herself. 

  47. LikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLike

      I hear Dennis Copper needs some more fluffing. 

  48. LikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLike


  49. postitbreakup

      i’m wondering if it’s you or someone you know/a fan of yours who’s sending the suicide stuff to me on my tumblr. i can’t imagine i have internet enemies unless they’re people who are fans of yours, or tao’s (even though i no longer mind tao & have defended him on comment threads)

  50. Jordan

      i think “I’m embarrased for her” and “It’s embarrasing for a person to behave this way” imply two different things

      the former means [speaker] feels embarrased for [person] due to having a worldview that would cause [speaker] to feel embarrased if s/he was in that situation/doing those things

      the ladder implies a sort of “universal truth,” i think, via “a person” as opposed to “her” and “it’s” instead of “i’m”

      if what you meant to say was “i’m embarrased for her” i wouldn’t have responded

  51. LikeLikeLikeLikeLikeLike

      Well, you’re wrong–why would someone purposely engage in embarrassing behavior? That’s sort of the point–that I actually have a brain and can process the stupidity of an adult woman using thirty likes per sentence.

  52. Jordan

      i haven’t and no one i know (as far as i know of) has been sending you “suicide stuff” on your tumblr

      i don’t view myself as having any “internet enemies” either

  53. Jordan

      i don’t know why a person would purposely engage in behavior that cause him/her to feel embarrassed

      every human being has a brain and yours processed “stupidity” after having heard a person say “like” a number of time, while other’s brains didn’t, meaning her saying “like” isn’t “stupid,” but your qualitative perception of her saying “like” is that it’s “stupid”

  54. postitbreakup

      thank you for answering. i don’t have much against you other than jealousy. i just want to be cared about. have a good day

  55. QuoteAuthorUnquoteSpotlight

      Hahahahahahahaha! This is funny because you so didn’t do it on purpose.

  56. QuoteAuthorUnquoteSpotlight

      Here’s a bit of advice [rehab be damned]: in your case, “stick” with the drugs/get fucked up to be interesting/hope the tripping girl [you’re with] will want to fuck [you] thing. You’re an incredible “bore” without them.

  57. postitbreakup

      hey. penis. drugs & shit. penis. i don’t know , but jordan’s probably bigger than you. i mean of course i hate him, but he still has a bigger dick. i wish i were dead, but you should keep writing, yes? try again on another HTMLGiant, maybe i should die (cuz jordan doesn’t give a fuck about me)

  58. QuoteAuthorUnquoteSpotlight

      Dude, are you always this defensive in real life or only on comment threads? I wondered how in earth the comment count of this post had jumped so much in a few hours. It’s because you’re on here frothing at the mouth, at pedantic length, at every comment that doesn’t amount to “We worship you golden two who are the most fascinating people on the planet and your random blog entries/lists of sex partners/thoughts on your tumbler account amount to the most significant American poetry of today and all one needs to do is point a camera in your direction and…absolute fucking art.” When you grow up you’ll learn you aren’t the center of the universe, no matter how many of your e-chapbooks your friends publish.

  59. Captain Dirk

      If you’re satisfied living your life like a queef squeezed out of Harmony Korine’s honey-ham asshole, good for you. Who am I to judge.

  60. QuoteAuthorUnquoteSpotlight

      Lineate that and you’ve got the first poem for your next Muumuu House book.

  61. Jordan

      i’m typing thoughts in response to other comments and the video, like everyone else who’s commented

      i don’t care if or want people to “worship” me…i’m honestly just like…trying to explain myself to people who comment shit about ‘what art should(n’t) be’ and ‘[vaguely abstract, metaphorical insult]’

      in real life if a person said [specific comment], i’d probably respond in a similar manner but with more ‘um’s and ‘like’s and ‘i feel like’s, etc, or i’d maybe ‘simply’ leave, but since this is the internet, i feel like i might as well try to convey my thoughts re his/her thoughts in an attempt to understand each other more clearly, or something

      i don’t feel emotional typing any of these comments, i’m not ‘frothing at the mouth’

      i know i’m not the center of the universe

  62. QuoteAuthorUnquoteSpotlight

      “[U]ndeniably masturbatory” is right. Shit like this makes HTMLGiant sometimes look like a 21st century Mickey Mouse Club for the “desensitived, drug-abusing internet casualty” children who think posting a shaky video of themselves trippin, watching youtube, counts as being real grown up writers. Alongside posts of actual interest, such as the recent Meginnis interview with Dennis Cooper, this stuff is a total joke. This belongs on MySpace, with a glittery background flashing “Please find us as interesting as we find ourselves!”

      Not all of us are fascinated just to watch the neverending self-admiration society of a half dozen “writers” whose “books” get printed by their friends’/lovers’ presses and suddenly they’re supposedly famous. This kind of drivel gives indie lit a bad name. Change the clothes, switch the music to reggae, and improve the quality of the drugs, and there’s no difference between this junk and watching home videos of a frat party. It’s all just one more installment of the in crowd deigning to allow the rest of us the opportunity to admire how spendidly they desport themselves — without having any real quality to justify the admiration.

      …Meanwhile somewhere a real artist is making real art.

      And now I’m going to bed because I’ve become as pointless and tiresome as that video. Peace.

  63. Jordan

      seems like this thread has a new “shit on jordan” theme in which the comments are all something like…

      [subjective abstractions] + [metaphor] + [rhetoric] + [vague overall sentiment “against” jordan castro] = [comment]

  64. Captain Dirk

      Not only do you write like Tao Lin, a bad version of him, but you apparently try to sound exactly like him when you talk. You’re a retard. Your family probably is rich. Anyway, you might want to give it another ten years before publishing any more shit, and stay off the internet. You’re making a complete, horrific jackass of yourself. p.s. Stop talking like Tao Lin, for fuck’s sake, it’s bad enough that you imitate him in your shitty writing.

  65. Sick of looking at car wrecks

      @whoever runs this website: no one takes you seriously because of shit like this thread.

  66. Stephen Michael McDowell


  67. Jomarksn

      All of a sudden I want to sleep with Megan Boyle. And I mean that. 

  68. tao lin

      the frogs…lol

  69. Jordan

      i like tao’s writing

      i don’t try when i talk

      i feel retarded and “get” retarded a lot, but i’m not sure if i’m “clinically retarded”

      my dad is wealthy

      not going to “give” anything another ten year, stop writing, or stay off the internet

      if, to you, i’m making a complete, horrific jackass of myself, i don’t care – i’m doing me

      can you elaborate re ‘Stop talking like Tao Lin…’

  70. Jordan

      i had fun being fucked up on drugs, interviewing megan, having sex while tripping

      i don’t care about entertaining you

      ‘when it comes down to it,’ i wanted to promote megan’s book/learn things about her via interview, enjoy myself, and have something i’d like to watch in the future and that other people might like to watch too

  71. Guessed

      megan is chill.

  72. LikeLikeLikeLikeLike

      I think he means, open your mouth when you talk and stop mumbling through your teeth like a moron (or Tao Lin).

  73. kb

      i think this whole thing, including the comments here, blogs, etc, is an elaborate *self conscious* ruse / ‘art project’. does anyone else think this? being serious. but does that make it more than just the boring garbage it appears to be on the surface? i dunno.

  74. dole

      I like the way this was edited.  For the most part it was fun to watch.  I don’t regret watching it.

  75. Jordan

      i’m glad you feel glad that this exists

      can you elaborate re “shark nigga”? i’ve never heard that before and feel interested

  76. Jordan
  77. Mapangui

      She is either a liar or one troubled girl. Either way, I pity her.

  78. alan

      You’re the one bringing down this site with your boring, moralistic, resentment-fueled trolling.

      How about this? You feel the need to make personal attacks? Do it under your real name.

  79. Guest

      You, because a shaky video of two high 20-somethings rambling about God-knows-what inspires serious dialogue.

  80. Guest


  81. alan

      Dad, go listen to NPR or something.

  82. Neel

      I LOVE Harmony Korine.

  83. LikeLikeLikeLikeLike

      I’m more like your big brother. Go stare in the mirror and practice your coffee shop mean mug or something.

  84. alan

      Seriously, why don’t you tell us who you are?

      Why don’t you take responsibility for your ugly comments? It’s so lame to hide behind Internet anonymity.

  85. LikeLikeLikeLikeLike

      Yep, because the kind of people featured in this video have proven that total transparency = “taking responsibility” for their actions.   

  86. 88888888888888888888888

      LikeLikeLikeLikeLike has proven that you can still ‘take responsability’ with internet anonymity.

  87. alan

      And because there is no better arbiter of maturity than an Internet troll.

  88. Dennis Cooper

      Okay, here I am. Now what? 

  89. 88888888888888888888888

      All you have/can prove alan is that it’s far easier to decry internet anonymity as being cowardly than it is to show the equally fervent or objectionable non-anonymous heroic defender as being equally, if not more, cowardly/immature/’ugly’/etcetcetc

      One need not be anonymous to be ‘troll[ing]’

  90. Dennis Cooper

      Excellent. Thanks. I’ll do my best. 

  91. Jordan

      who are you? i might give a fuck about you

  92. Jordan

      re “…children who think posting a shaky video of themselves trippin, watching youtube, counts as being real grown up writers.”
      i don’t think “posting a shaky video of [ourselves] tripping, watching youtube” has anything to do with being a “real grown up writer.” the purpose of this video was to promote megan’s book in a fun and a artistically satisfying, to us, way. i don’t think either of us care about “being real grown up writers,” we care about writing.

      there are plenty of videos of authors who’re viewed by academia and the industry as “legitimate” doing some shit for some reason or another

      re “…with a glittery background flashing “Please find us as interesting as we find ourselves!”

      i don’t think this video had any sort of “call to action” for people to “find us interesting”

      i do think i’m interesting though

      re “Not all of us are fascinated” 

      [with the same things]

      re “…self-admiration society of a half dozen “writers” whose “books” get printed by their friends’/lovers’ presses…”

      i admire my friends and writers i like for the things they’ve written

      i think having a book pressed by someone they know/trust well would be desirable

      re “…Meanwhile somewhere a real artist is making real art.”

      i don’t think there is “real art” or “fake art”

  93. Jordan

      everything has the potential to inspire serious dialogue because it’s the people perceiving the things who create the serious dialogue

  94. Jordan


  95. Jordan

      i view all of this as “art,” i think

  96. Matthew Simmons
  97. Jonathan Safran Foer

      Oh, you must be thinking of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – it’s a good book, but I was 31 when I started writing it.

  98. Jonathan Safran Foer

      (sigh, was hoping Megan Boyle would weigh in)

  99. Captain Dirk

      Hey, Tao Clone, aren’t you underaged? Your substance-abusing friend should be brought up on charges for drinking and doing drugs with a minor. Seriously, someone send this shit to the cops.

  100. misskimball

      where is p.h.madore?

  101. Cvan

      Apparently if you tell her either 1) “I’ll publish your book.” or 2) “I’m holding,” then it’s fairly simple, especially if you talk like you are in grade school.

  102. Dennis Cooper

      “That Time I Slept With Jomarksn,” by Megan Boyle, 2013, a ten-page chapbook to be listed as regular book in the bio. 

  103. BeingFilmedDoesn'tMakeItArt

      Dear wealthy kid who thinks he’s interesting,

      On a whim, I hit the tag at the bottom of this with your name on it and found this:
      …your “trailer” for the trainwreck above, posted here last November. Astonished, I found a 179 comment thread of people pointing out how pathetic this pile of shit is and you jumping in over and over with your usual mixture of moaning, hyperactive self-defense alternating with your pathetic “i don’t care what you think” escape.

      Deja fucking vu.

      I realize now that you get off on being the HTMLGiant gimp-boy. Fair enough. I’ll be sure never to look at a post with your name on it again. I’m new here. I didn’t know. Now I do.

      When I think about the amount of wasted energy expended trying to point out what a self-glorifying fuckup you are… It’s astounding. You should offer to reimberse people for the lost wages. And Ms. Boyle should see a shrink. I once knew a girl who liked boys to punch her in the face. She’s on like a lot of meds now, pulls the hair like out of the back of her head, and is like afraid to leave the house now. Not sexy. Just sad. I suggest looking up “i recommend doing reckless/impulsive stuff with friends because i usually don’t forget that stuff and it makes me feel good about being alive sometimes” in a good manual of mental illness. It may help you figure things out.

      And you, dear Jordan, will never get the message, it seems. Can you NOT elaborate? (FYI that whole “I won’t live past 30” and “I’m so craaazy!” went out a long, long ass time ago. You’d know this if you read books other than MH.)

      And lastly, stick with the drugs, they give you the illusion of a personality. Otherwise, you’re more like a yapping lapdog that won’t shut the fuck up.

  104. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Liked this response but liked it even more when I imagined it as a response to “Why does anything exist?”

  105. Taylor Napolsky

      Jordan, “Shark n***a” means you bite other people’s style. Like a shark. It’s sort of old slang, it is prevalent in Raekwon’s classic album “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.” I don’t think you’re a shark though, I’m just clarifying for ya.

  106. Jordan

      “there wasn’t real beer in my bottle and we didn’t actually take LSD”

  107. reynard

      i feel confident that we will evolve into a text-based species that has no idea how to speak

  108. spencer lewin

      damn, ppl need to chill, this isn’t about lana del rey

  109. Bpp Operator

      lol, yeah, yeah

  110. Bpp Operator


  111. Bpp Operator

      “Do you think you’ll be able to get away with writing like a child with profound autism when you’re in your 30s?”

      Shit like that is pretty harsh. I’m laughing out loud, surely. But damn. If this was all happening in a room I was in it would be hilarious, because a fight would be about to break out and you’d have some people trying to stop it, some trying to egg it on, others just like “damn”.

  112. Bpp Operator

      I like Reggae music.

  113. Eduardo Quinones

      Like I liked the video because it made me laugh and I like things that make me laugh. Cool. I feel good now about myself and life for liking things I like. Like yeah. Great.

      Personally I think the way an author writes and speaks would naturally be different Re: Using ‘Like’

      So I don’t see why she or any other author should be embarrassed for using that term or something.

  114. Eduardo Quinones

      Sometimes I go to htmlgiant and have to remind myself that it is not youtube

  115. postitbreakup

      not cool that you’re using dennis’s name since he actually posts here on occasion

  116. postitbreakup

      sorry i was extremely drunk

  117. postitbreakup

      sorry i was extremely drunk

  118. shaun gannon

      lol “i’m doing me” essentially = “just bein’ miley”

  119. shaun gannon

      i didnt watch this again

  120. NKrauss

      You refused because you are not a Great House down there…if you know what I mean.

  121. MarieCalloway

      Megan, not cool that you’re like stealing like my shtick.

  122. Cvan

      Lisa Suckdog and Dame Darcy were great liars and troubled girls.  Megan is debauched-suburban, no more trangressive than an American Apparel outlet mall.

  123. Megan Boyle

      Like all of this everyone has like written will be my new book.  Thank you for writing it.

  124. Guestagain

      well, the level of hatred and vitriol from thoughtful judgmental diversity-celebrating arty hypocrite intellectual thugs here has certainly reached a nadir with this diatribe and I wonder why do you care too much? I didn’t even finish watching this vid out of lack of interest and simply moved on. I responded negatively to an earlier vid of Mr. Jordan pulling on his dik only because I have less than zero interest in watching some guy pull on his dik but later turned off the monitor and listened to the piece and enjoyed it, so somewhat regret that comment. The point being, you don’t really care about the players and simply feel threatened. These 20-somethings are lucky to get their beatings in pussy internet comment threads. We were chased down the street by hippies and bikers and shitkicked into the hospital. I am now retired from commenting here and hope muumuu haus buries you.

  125. postitbreakup

      The context is pretty clear if you read the thread.

  126. Fsfllsf

      Never been a Madore fan, but I’m pretty sure he’s banned like a lot of other people who rock the boat. Of course, Jordan Castro–the biggest troll on this thread–isn’t banned–he gets featured in “author spotlights.”

  127. Evan Hatch

      the term “shark nigga”, as popularized in the raekwon song “shark niggas” refers to one who copies or ‘bites’ the style of another. i suppose i was eager to initially dismiss you as ‘biting’ tao’s style without contributing anything but i think you are increasingly developing your own personality.

  128. shaun gannon

      idk if he was banned or if he is in self-exile or is dead
      all three seem equally likely

  129. shaun gannon

      thats a really good album

  130. 88888888888888888888888

      Best comment on thread

  131. 888888888888888888888888

      By far.

  132. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I gotta nominate guestagain’s, 88888888888888888888888888888888

  133. Jomarksn

      If your shtick is being damn lovable and overusing ‘to be’ words.

  134. Eduardo Quinones

      Feels like my face something…

  135. Eduardo Quinones

      Oh, this isn’t twitter

  136. Rik Sanders

      Watching this was like watching a friend play nintendo by himself. Gotta give props for being real, but you know… it’s neither fun nor enlightening (often tiring actually) to watch two people enjoy themselves while being generally incoherent.

      Still, like I said, it’s raw stuff. So at least you were bold enough to give everyone an idea of who you are and what we can expect from yr writing. The haters are just outing themselves.

  137. Scott Lewis

      Haters gonna hate. Gators gonna Gatorade

  138. Evan Hatch


  139. 300

      Lol, my one hundred year old friend. I know (knew) Dame Darcy. She is no more or less authentically troubled than Miss Megan.

  140. Brooks Sterritt

      this post was a cultural document

  141. Maya Reelnaym

      Why anyone serious enough about their writing would want their real name associated with this site is beyond me…

      Alan, you come across as intellectually timid.

  142. Maya Reelnaym

      He was banned by blake

  143. Maya Reelnaym

      This was a delusional comment

  144. Maya Reelnaym

      Oop. Looks like ive been banned as well. Gotta love that echo chamber!

  145. Guessed

      lol, “my one hundred year old friend”

  146. megan boyle

      i’m sorry about the woman you know who pulls her hair out and is on meds and afraid to leave her house. i hope someone thinks she’s sexy and doesn’t condescend to her by calling her life sad.

  147. 888888888888888888888888

      It’s the best because the sincerity is unknowable…

  148. 888888888888888888888888


  149. LikeLikeLikeLikeLike

      You too? I was also banned for a few hours last night. That’s what they do now–they just randomly and compusively hit the ban button on people who hate on their ass-kissing friends and then release it a few hours later. No warnings. Nothing. What a damn joke.

  150. Brian M

      I say “like” all the time. Its normal. Blame the movie “Valley Girl” starring Nicholas Cage; 1st starring role. It’s totally trippendicular.

  151. Brian M

      I like you Jordan. I liked your horny poem and story a lot.

  152. Brian M

      Their work qualifies as art. 100%

  153. Brian M

      Dude, this is really cool and fun. I liked your ‘flow.’

  154. Cvan

      It’s as annoying as people that still say “Alrighty then” and other annoying phrases they heard in a Jim Carrey movie years and years ago. 

  155. Cvan

      Jimmy, how dare you out the “plot” of Tao’s next book. 

  156. Jordan

      thanks bruh

  157. Cvan

      I beg differ regarding The Dame.  “One hundred year old friend”!  Yeah, that Susan B. Anthony, she was somethin’.  When she asked a stoned mumbling goof to punch her in the face, she didn’t stage any of that shit.  She took the punch before she changed her frock.

  158. Jordan

      fuck you

  159. Cvan

      Uh, Guestagain, why do you care?  It appears to me that the so-called Mr. Jordan has been “pulling on his dik” this whole thread.  Any difference between this and the other video you speak of?  No, not at all.

  160. Casey Anthony's Boyfriend

      That gurl yr talking about I think is real hot and yes sexy and her life in’t sad since i’m there now.

  161. Cvan

      Ah, I’m guessing that latter applies.  Was the stash hidden under the trucker cap or behind the John Deere belt buckle or maybe in the Starsky and Hutch lunch box?

  162. Brooks Sterritt

      Viswas: a two-syllable surname

  163. Jonathan Safran Foer

      You pretty much cut his balls off with this comment. 

  164. Jonathan Safran Foer


  165. Don

      This video doesn’t offend me (and I liked Megan’s book a lot), but it does remind me why I do not do drugs or hang out with people who are doing them.

  166. Maya Reelnaym


  167. Gingersnap222

      She is pretty, though.

  168. Devin

      I enjoyed watching this video. It is really life affirming to see two people genuinely enjoying each other’s company, having ‘meaningful’ conversation, and experiencing what seems like a ‘good trip’. 

      I really like Megan Boyle as a writer and, from what I’ve seen, as a person. I also think that Jordan Castro is interesting and intelligent. People can be really negative and ugly, sometimes. From what i’ve read, the commenters who have chastised Jordan and Megan for being self important-self-promoters seem really bitter and jealous. Like, why does this bother you at all? What are you lacking in your own life that makes you feel like you have to try to tear someone down for simply posting a video of an enjoyable experience? 

      I’m sure people will assume I am some asshole that is totally on Jordan’s and Megan’s nuts. I have nothing to gain from saying any of this and normally wouldn’t comment on posts at all, but goddamnit guys…just…..fucking…chill. Just breath. We’re all gonna day someday, anyway. 

  169. go ahead mic my day

      Hello sock-puppet commenter

  170. Maya Reelnaym

      I blame myself for always coming back to this place, since i always tend to have the exact same reaction these days when i do; it just sickens me a bit what a flock of fevered ego enablers this place has become; a place to come and pretend an insulated, inward-looking coterie is ‘famous’.

      I recommend themillions.com, myself. Happy travails..

  171. Sick of looking at car wrecks
  172. Susie Anderson

      this seems to accurately portray what i know about megan boyle. she is nice and cheeky =D i like how she constantly seems to be about to crack up