February 11th, 2011 / 2:17 pm
Behind the Scenes

Raskolnikov’s inbox

[Best if read bottom up for chronological order.]



  1. Brian McElmurry

      This is well done. Very funny! Loved the Che T-shirt email confirm

  2. Michael

      Bravo, sir.

  3. JimR

      Did I try to click on the 95% off at P.F. Chang’s? Yes, yes I did. Lettuce wrap fail.
      Nicely done.

  4. Jimmy Chen

      the ‘crisp’ .png at 100% will always get you bro, s’all good. ‘lettuce wrap fail’ is vietnam’s 2nd tragedy

  5. Michael Inscoe

      thank you

      probably my favorite htmlgiant post ever

  6. stephen


  7. Proser

      Best one yet!

  8. Sean

      Oh hell no, man.

      Thanks for making me laugh.


  9. Matt Salesses

      The Greatest

  10. Eric

      Epic! Thank you, Jimmy.

  11. phmadore


  12. Tom

      I agree, best post I’ve seen here. C&P is my favorite novel.

  13. karl taro

      very well done. i wonder what his spam box looked like.

  14. karl taro

      very well done. i wonder what his spam box looked like.

  15. lorian

      ‘donnie darko’ lol

  16. lily hoang

      so fucking good.

  17. Kevin Spaide

      “Dear Raskolnikov” – the idea of putting those two words together – I still can’t understand it.

  18. Jonny Ross

      crime and gchat


  19. Mimi V.

      brilliant. loved this!

  20. Mimi V.

      I have to add that I think I am going to turn this idea into a character profile assignment for my 10th graders. Thanks for the inspiration!

  21. Raskolnikov

      This is godawful. Like it was written by someone who got a page into the Sparknotes and then ended up watching Taxi Driver instead.

  22. Jimmy Chen

      are you talking to me?

  23. Sean

      IS this Taxi Driver. Ignore that blar.

  24. Meindert

      Sorry but did any of you actually read the book??? It wasn’t Praskovya Pavlovna (the landlady) that he murdered. He murdered Aljona Ivanovna (pawnbroker) and her sister Lizaveta.

  25. k___k


  26. Raskolnikov: Path to Epic Fail | epicfail.net
  27. Vladvn

      f**k, man! awesome! especially the “frinedly reminder” from Praskov’ya Pavlovna… Gee…!

  28. Susana645
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  30. Jim H.

      I really wanted to read the emails themselves, and I kept clicking through. Derp. Great stuff. Next can you do War & Peace a la Twitter?

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