December 8th, 2011 / 5:18 pm

ToBS R1: Sewage Treatment Technologies vs. The Pulitzer Prize

 [Matchup #28 in Tournament of Bookshit]

A corpus containing all Pulitzer Prize-winning books in the Fiction category from 1948-present and the Novel category from 1917-1947


A list of sewage treatment technologies, included below:

Aerated lagoon
Aerobic granular reactor
Anaerobic clarigester
API oil-water separator
Anaerobic lagoon
Bioconversion of biomass to mixed alcohol fuels
Carbon filtering
Coarse bubble diffusers
Composting toilet
Constructed wetland
Dark fermentation
Dissolved air flotation
Expanded granular sludge bed digestion
Facultative lagoon
Fenton’s reagent
Fine bubble diffusers
Flocculation & sedimentation
Flotation process
Froth flotation
Humanure (composting)
Imhoff tank
Ion exchange
Living machines
Maceration (sewage)
Membrane bioreactor
NERV (Natural Endogenous Respiration Vessel)
Parallel plate oil-water separator
Reed bed
Retention basin
Reverse osmosis
Rotating biological contactor
Sand filter
Septic tank
Sequencing batch reactor
Sewage treatment
Stabilization pond
Submerged aerated filter
Treatment pond
Trickling filter
soil bio-technology
Ultrafiltration (industrial)
Ultraviolet disinfection
Upflow anaerobic sludge blanket digestion
Wet oxidation

Brooks Sterritt

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WINNER: sewage treatment technologies



  1. Tim Jones-Yelvington

      ohmygod this list.

  2. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      upflow anaerobic sludge blanket digestion. sounds like something the band earth recorded once or twice

  3. Devin Booth

      I think that song was on the Extra-Capsular Excretion LP.

  4. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      word. it is. it is. but also. my friend had upflow anaerobic sludge blanket digestion part II on the split he did with frances bean. i think it’s called building a facultative lagoon in the barrel of a father’s love letter to a worried daughter sitting on the throne of revenge. rare shit, that. but. she lost it. of course. 

  5. MacEvoy DeMarest

      Good call.

      Froth flotation has the double benefit of being a sewage treatment technology AND a selection/filtration method for the Pulitzer.

  6. Bradgoblue7

      Lovin it by Brad Muszynski

  7. Ilovenatalie12

      Trevor meyer is getting extra credit hell yeah

  8. Brettmuszynski

      Sounds cool.

      Brett Muszynski

  9. Torricousino.

      Hahhaha niceee. By torri cousino.

  10. Rolando Guerra

      Wow, very very interesting topic. The list of the sewer technologies is somehting I can definitely use to sound smarter lol.

  11. Rickboaf

      Idk how I feel about this list. -ricky bofia

  12. Patrick Rodriguez

      wtf what up with all this mess, sounds like a spaghetti farm running from a previous jar…lol

  13. Patrick Rodriguez

      exactly what are they doing with the sewage after they treat it do we even want to know?

  14. Cody rodriguez

      Put wrong name lol.

  15. Anonymous

  16. barry

      and 13 comments for the win… forget the dunkin donuts… i want my mp3 though… 

  17. marshall

      sewage treatment cant lose

  18. MJ

      “Fine bubble diffusers”.

      Say it with me though: “Fine bubble diffusers”.

  19. MJ

       I’m also really digging laalss28’s outlook on things.

  20. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      I’d call shenanigans but it’d be too much work.

      Will record it this weekend!

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  22. barry

      there was no mention that i couldnt get students to post for extra credit… 

  23. barry

      how did you not see that coming?

  24. jesusangelgarcia

      Good call, for “flocculation” alone.

  25. Leapsloth14

      I might or mite not over-comment tonight. I’m lit like a high ankle sprain. I can’t decide. Should I extend the pocket? Meanwhile, we will wrap up week # 14.

  26. Ashley McDonald

      This may be the most entertaining thing I’ve ever read!

  27. barry

      you should read more ashley. stay in school. 

  28. MJ

      I read that as “over commit” which I naturally related to sewage technologies, and related that to you committing to some sort of sewage type ritual. Also, the term “ritualistic behavior” is stupid. I mean, their behavior isn’t a ritual, its just ritual like, but a ritual is merely repeated action with meaning. Shit is stupid.

  29. kb

      can anyone explain to me what this post and every comment under it is supposed to mean

  30. deadgod

      literature prize vs. chamber pot

      winner:  hand-in-glove

  31. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      Because I did not think you’d be lame enough to use your students for an mp3!

  32. Brooks Sterritt

      woolly cloudlike aggregations

  33. barry

      clearly you’ve underestimated my lameness…

  34. mimi

      biological oxygen demand vs. chemical oxygen demand  

      volatile solids vs. non-volatile solids  

      thigh-high rubber boots vs. vanilla-scented air freshener  

      light industrial vs. semi-rural   

      winner: lapidary hobbyist

  35. Guestagain

      sewage treatment technologies have had a more overall positive effect on the lives of billions than the pulitzer prize?

  36. C W Kelly

      Seems like sewage treatment could take the tourn.

  37. rawbbie

      I’m all about the Wet Oxidation.

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