February 17th, 2012 / 3:40 pm

ToBS R2: trolling for spelling errors in blog posts vs Sewage Treatment Technologies

[matchup #46 in Tournament of Bookshit]

Coming off their tedious win over those posting constant facebook photos, those Trolling for spelling errors in blog posts were feeling self-important & in the zone going into their game against Sewage Treatment Technologies. Little did Trolling for spelling errors in blog posts know, Sewage Treatment Technologies had a secret weapon they had not revealed in their win against The Pulitzer Prize, in the form of the lanky Roman center, Chiara Barzini. She quoted a passage from her forthcoming book:«If you attack, make sure you say things that really creep under the skin. A threat that always scares Romans off is: “Your sewage goes into pipes laid in 735 B.C. You are shitting into the past.”» And then she preceded to divulge the intricate inner-workings of Rome’s sewage system. Trolling for spelling errors in blog posts were thrown into confusion—not only was this sequence of words unseen previously in any blog post, but by self-revealing such vulnerabilities in the Roman sewage system, Sewage Treatment Technologies took away the sense of discovery from Trolling for spelling errors in blog posts, rendering them mute. Taking a cue from the movie Brazil, the all-purpose guard-forward Harry Tuttle (played by Robert Deniro) rerouted the online sewage pipes to flood all blog posts, leaving Trolling for spelling errors in blog posts to drown in their own shit.

Derek White 

– – –

Winner: Sewage Treatment Technologies


  1. stefan michael

      I’m sure you meant “And then she [proceeded] to divulge…” Just fucking with you, because, you see the whole point of this is…, ok, I’ll just flush this into the pipes.

  2. herocious

      i see derek white and i read, like instinct

  3. Helen

      I thought Tuttle was more of an air ducts man, but I like his appearance here, saving the day, for once.

  4. deadgod

      spelling creatures vs. creatures of digestion

      winner:  blogoscopewage