What Your Favorite Writers’ Phones Look Like

In 2013-2014 I did a series of intrusive posts on the lives of writers. These include asking what they eat for lunch, what their refrigerators look like, what music they listen to when they work out, and what their diets are like. Now HTMLGIANT is back and I haven’t matured. So I asked writers I admire to send me their phone homescreens. Many declined. Several sent a screenshot only to retract hours later for a variety of reasons (a pornographic background, their therapist said this was a bad idea, and “I’m trying to have a baby” were all reasons). One writer – well respected/award winning – had a flip phone. Regardless, I think this type of thing is light and fun and hopefully you will enjoy peeping these twenty phones as much as I did.

vikhinaoVi Khi Nao is the author of Fish In Exile.

dewittAnnie DeWitt is the author of White Nights In Split Town City.

elisaalbertElisa Albert is the author of After Birth.

clairedonatoClaire Donato is the author of Burial.

chelseamartinChelsea Martin is the author of Mickey.

chelseahodsonChelsea Hodson is the author of Pity The Animal.

ottessaOttessa Moshfegh is the author of Eileen (not sure what this is, but she sent it).

davidshieldsDavid Shields is the author of Reality Hunger.

catherinelaceyCatherine Lacey is the author of Nobody Is Ever Missing.

hannahassadiHannah Lillith Assadi is the author of Sonora.

jamesfreyJames Frey is the author of A Million Little Pieces.

kleemanAlexandra Kleeman is the author of Intimations.

mollybrodakMolly Brodak is the author of Bandit.

weatherheadAndrew Weatherhead is the author of Cats And Dogs.

rachelbglaserRachel B. Glaser is the author of Paulina & Fran.

blakebutlerBlake Butler is the author of 300,000,000.

sarahgerardSarah Gerard is the author of Binary Star.

sashafletcherSasha Fletcher is the author of Good Year.

aprillawsonApril Ayers Lawson is the author of Virgin And Other Stories.

adamrobinsonAdam Robinson is the publisher of Publishing Genius Press.

porochistaPorochista Khakpour is the author of The Last Illusion.

markbaumer Mark Baumer is the author of Holiday Meat.


  1. markbaumer

      Shout out to me and VI as the only ones on android

  2. James Tadd Adcox

      s/o to the dumb-phone haver

  3. James Tadd Adcox

      (as a fellow dumb-phone haver)

  4. bartlebytaco

      lol mark’s pill thing

  5. Brooks Sterritt

      These are great, haha. Catherine Lacey (“I am an incredibly productive Marie Kondo devotee”), Ottessa Moshfegh (“I will eat your soul”), Blake (“This is what I think a human phone background looks like”), Weatherhead (“I’m behind on my podcasts”)

  6. deadgod

      Is there a smartphone icon array in a circle, like a dialable rotor?

  7. James Yeh

      Did anyone else notice Porochista’s phone has 143,831 unread emails? I love that.

  8. cake lamb

      completely beautiful

  9. Bobby Dixon
  10. Eric Raymond

      That Safeway blood pressure machine screen, tho.

  11. sashafletcher

      s/o to adam robinson for also liking baseball

  12. niina

      yep. signed in to disqus for the first time in two years to say “needs more android users”

  13. Adam Robinson


  14. sashafletcher

      hey buddy!

  15. Chase Berggrun