October 24th, 2012 / 1:29 pm

Commentary on the top 12 albums of Pitchfork’s ‘people’s list’ top 200

commentary on pitchfork’s top 12 from Jimmy Chen on Vimeo.



  1. Scott McClanahan

      Man, don’t get me started on the hotness and beefcakeness (sp.?) of Jimmy Chen. Damn, boy.

  2. Emily Siegenthaler


  3. lorian long

      lolz ‘it has a nice beat’ ‘the bald guy’

  4. lorian long

      do u pronounce it ‘idiotic’ or ‘idio-tech’

  5. lorian long

      omg yr air drums are amazing

  6. lorian long

      ‘it’s just a bunch of sound’

  7. lorian long

      lol ‘girls tweeting at sufjan stevens’

  8. Matthew Simmons

      I worry about that nagging cough.

  9. lorian long

      okay, i’m done. so good, jc.

  10. Melissa Broder

      lorian’s notes on this are good.

  11. Melissa Broder

      also this post is fun. feels like the htmlgiant when the unicorn was still the avatar.

  12. Melissa Broder

      wish ryan call was here.

  13. lorian long

      yah i miss this, feels good.

  14. Melissa Broder

      want there to be a fight abt something.

  15. Melissa Broder

      i guess things change in life

  16. David Fishkind

      i like this, jimmy

  17. David Fishkind

      yeah they were staggering. compelling

  18. postitbreakup

      ught well no you don’t!!!!!

  19. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      This makes me so happy

  20. Ethan

      I like your thoughts on Kanye’s sincere contradictions, Jimmy. Well said.

  21. A D Jameson

      I was just listening to all of these albums on my mp3 player while at the gym.

  22. adamhump

      Chen: this is bullshit – burying David and I’s post…

  23. Cal A. Mari

      Jimmy Chen for president.

  24. Craig Ronald Marchinkoski

      jeff tweedy=total gay cheese

  25. Melissa Broder
  26. Brooks Sterritt

      surprised you didn’t mention joy division w/r/t interpol–such biters

  27. ryan chang

      ‘i don’t buy the frappuccino’