August 15th, 2011 / 2:57 pm


 The fifth edition of Portland, OR’s  POOR CLAUDIA has come to.
“Clean-cut, slim, and summery, if No. 5 were a cigarette she’d be a Gauloises, if she were a drink she’d be a tart negroni. Saddle-stitched chapbook on laid and linen paper. Get your copy while supplies last. “


Jae Choi
Julia Cohen
Jennifer Denrow
Brian Foley
Graham Foust
Noah Eli Gordon
Dorothea Lasky
Anthony McCann
Sawako Nakayasu
Christie Ann Reynolds
Mathias Svalina


Subscriptions for this years POOR CLAUDIA output are cheap too. $30 gets you everything they publish – chapbooks, nonbooks, broadsides and two issues of journal. Plus free shipping. Yes. So! For example, if you’d subscribed for this past year you would’ve received

SUCCESS WINDOW (a DVD collection of eight short films by Ish Klein, author of Union! and Moving Day),


DIGITAL MACRAME & HAPPIER LAWNS ( a hand sewn split chapbook by Justin Marks & Paige Taggert),
HEROISMS by Dan Beachy-Quick
& the incredible POOR CLAUDIA 4, which rents out my favorite poem of 2011 – “Spasmodic Tragedy” by Macgregor Card – which begins:

I feel community and peak

All over my community

But fear an anthem coming


How far is it to beat your rattle

To a friend that registers

A sound to kind of land


How far to count

I worry we agree


How far to count

Before we sing the country hit

“The heat of friendship”

On a technicality


“I want to be alone”

Is unavoidable in fact

But first

“I want to be so ratified

to be alone”  ON THREE


All of us excite me in particular…


Luckily you can still purchase all those treasures, plus the new issue, RIGHT HERE.


  1. kevocuinn

      shame they don’t accept paypal, least not from europe.

  2. bobby

      I was just going to say that their subscription is a wonderful thing, sorry you cannot get it in Europe. If it makes you feel better, universal health care, etc. 

      US dudes, get the subscription! 

  3. Benfama

      Great people, great press, great for all life 4 life

  4. Gendron

      These guys are objectively the best

  5. Riley Michael Parker

      Oh, extremely objectively, I’m sure.

  6. Riley Michael Parker

      POOR CLAUDIA is on it. I love these guys.

  7. Guest

      What a slush pile they must have…