June 2nd, 2011 / 12:22 pm

Breast Stein Blood Drug

1. Simmons is running in a fundraiser for breast cancer, and generously giving away unique objects if he gets $600 in pledges. Consider making a contribution.

Also, if you happen to be in Portland tomorrow, Simmons is reading with Tim Horvath in support of the new Conjunctions here.

2. At Jewcy, a great interview with Paris Review editor Lorin Stein by Adam Wilson.

3. Joe Hall & Brandon Shimoda discuss their recent titles from Black Ocean on the radio at The Blood-Jet Writing Hour.

4. Tao Lin has a new weekly column on Vice involving Drug-Related Photoshop Art.

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  1. Brian McElmurry

      Thanks for the interesting links

  2. Don

      The Loren Stein interview is neat.  They talk about Leonard Michaels a lot, and on the Leonard Michaels wikipedia page it says this: “[Leonard’s son] Jesse Michaels was the vocalist and primary lyricist in the seminal underground punk rock band Operation Ivy.”

      WAIT WHAT?  Leonard Michaels’ son was the singer of Op Ivy?!?!

  3. Anonymous