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I’m Gonna Liveblog ‘Rear Window’ Right Here

Hi folks. I’ve never seen Rear Window. I’ve seen Psycho (fell asleep for less than five minutes and I liked it. I’ve also seen an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents about Christmas and a toy plane I think. I’m getting a phone call

The credits ended. I like the way this looks. James Stewart sweating. People on a balcony. I had to pause the movie because too much was going on with the phone call. Seeing a bra-clad woman right now do stuff with her legs. The phone call was my girlfriend. She is coming by to get her wallet. James Stewart is sweating. Broken leg reveal. I saw the trailer for this movie a few days ago before I downloaded it. The way this movie is filmed is very impressive… is it supposed to be one long take? Nevermind.

I took a double shot of whiskey before I started this. There’s a helicopter. This seems very cool. He’s got a week left in the cast. I bought a Rolling Rock tallboy and a big bag of Munchies. My girlfriend is here, but she’s leaving soon, don’t worry. “The place is about to go up in smoke.” She’s gone.

Poured the beer into the jar I drank the whiskey out of. Gives it a full flavor. lots of women with their midriffs showing. Was that innovative? Opened up the chips. Chewing a lot of them right now. I am so very tired.

Walking home tonight I heard some people speaking a very weird language. It sounded like a mix between Arabic, French patois, and Australian English. There was a full moon or an almost full moon.


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April 5th, 2012 / 10:54 pm