Henry Mansfield

Are you Henry Mansfield

I owe Monkeybicycle a lot. My first ever print publication was with them. One of my first online pieces appeared on their site. And for a brief time, they turned editing duties for their site to me—probably long before I was really ready to do it, too.

The last thing published before I took over (the last thing edited by Shya Scanlon) was this piece:

America Fell In Love with the Explosions Technician

Did you read it? Go read it. It rules. It seriously rules. It makes my top ten best fucking things published online list. (As does the previously linked to Thomas Game Boy thing Gene wrote.)

At some point during my tenure as the editor, I wrote to this person, this “Henry Mansfield” and attempted to solicit more work. I never heard back from him. I’ve never seen anything else by him online.

So I figure its a pseudonym. But I can’t be 100% sure.

Dear reader, are you Henry Mansfield? Say hello! Write to me at giantblinditems at gmail dot com.

Dear reader, find Henry Mansfield!  Dear reader, let’s make a saint of Henry Mansfield.

Dear reader, write the hagiography of Henry Mansfield in the comments. A prize for my favorite.

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November 19th, 2008 / 2:59 pm