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Todd Grimson is one of the great living cult novelists.  I’ve known him for a few years, under strange circumstances.  He wrote Brand New Cherry Flavor, which is both one of my favorite horror novels and my favorite novel about Hollywood and the film industry.  He also wrote the underground vampire classic StainlessBoth were recently re-released by Schaffner Press, which is now publishing his new collection of stories, Stabs at Happiness, in pleasing hardcover.

It’s a terrific collection, diverse and weird and disturbing.  (Here are some reviews: LitbitchThe  You can and should buy it.

I asked Todd some questions about Stabs at Happiness and about his strange life and career.

For a while, you assumed the name “I. Fontana” and published stories in BOMB, Juked, The Quarterly, Lamination Colony, Word Riot, PANK, the Voice Literary Supplement, Bikini Girl, Spork and many others. We corresponded for some time before I knew your real name. Why did you adopt that name?

Fontana comes from “Fontana Mix,” a composition by John Cage I heard when I was 13. READ MORE >

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November 12th, 2012 / 11:15 am


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Being in L.A. at the moment, I read with interest this list at the Daily Beast titled The Five Best Novels on Hollywood.  (Also, happy Oscar weekend!  Turns out this is a big deal out here…)  I like Day of the Locust and The Last Tycoon but I’m mezzo-mezzo on Play It As It Lays and The Player (admittedly it’s been a long time since I read either).  The only one I haven’t read is Children of Light by Robert Stone. Anyway, I’d argue that two masterpieces are very, very missing from the list.


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