February 18th, 2011 / 4:34 pm
Web Hype


  1. Anonymous

      I can’t believe you didn’t use Comic Sans for the Charlie Brown cartoon.

  2. deadgod

      ‘Throw in a mouth and an intestine and you’ve pretty much got the picture, kid.’

  3. Jimmy Chen

      i can’t believe i just changed it for you

  4. Lincoln Michel

      well done!

  5. Anonymous

      I feel like an asshole already.

  6. Guestagain

      really hilarious, more please

  7. shaun gannon

      oh jimmy

  8. dm

      Dennis the M is such a caustic little prick; he’s got a serious hard on for Franz Wright, and his 116 New Yorker poems. D the M is all enmity and envy; cowlick and enjambment. Get a life you fucking two bit Menace! Mister Wilson (Warren) has already offered to hook you up with his Low Res MFA. Take your Ritalin, and read some Larkin you bitter little horse pill on the precipice of plagiarism! Fucking D the M. Kinderslut. Hack.

  9. Ted

      isnt that family circus?

  10. stephen

      sweet/witty as heck

  11. NLY


  12. mjm

      That was pretty funny.

  13. adrian

      I always steal my copy of The New Yorker from Borders. I hope I haven’t somehow contributed to their bankruptcy.

  14. Rick Rofihe

      A reporter once asked Gertrude Stein, “Miss Stein, why don’t you write like you talk?”
      To which she replied, “Why don’t you read like I write?”

  15. Rick Rofihe

      You have, but it’s been GREAT for The New Yorker.

  16. Rick Rofihe

      As I understand it, the Dennis the Menace creator Hank Ketcham based the cartoon on his then 4-year-old real-life son, Dennis. Soon Hank could only relate to the cartoon son, frozen in time. I believe the son ended up living in a trailer somewhere while his father, whom he’d stopped speaking to, continued to pump out the cartoon that bore his real life son’s name.

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  18. Jimmy Chen


  19. vova

      Any word on how Dennis the M morphed into Charlie Brown?