January 14th, 2012 / 5:59 pm
Web Hype

Fund Mark Baumer’s 50 Books in 1 Year

The first and only Kickstarter I’ll probably ever pledge to fund:

More information.

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  1. Jonathan Safran Foer
  2. Bpp Operator


  3. mark baumer

      I’ve never eaten eggs until this morning.

  4. Frank Tas, the Raptor

      If dude writes as slowly as he talks he might be in a lot of trouble.

  5. Jonathan Safran Foer

      Fanciful juxtaposition, friend

  6. tao lin


  7. Bugz

      Didn’t Noah Eli Gordon already do this?

  8. Profound Lover

      Seth Abramson writes that much every night

  9. Cvan

      Yes, he inspires such confidence in his abilities.  I don’t think he’d write 50 books in a year, but maybe 50 pages.

  10. Elsleepinggringo

      No offense, but doesn’t ya’ boy Bill Knott deserve 50k? And, he could write 50 decent books in a year.

  11. Trey

      at first I thought this was Mark Leidner and I was like “Mark Leidner has written a book” but then I realized it was Mark Baumer and I was like “give this man some money”

      Mark Baumer walked across America. Mark Baumer is a good person.

  12. Trey

      also let us all acknowledge what a good deal 50 books and 50 pizzas for 3000 dollars is.

  13. M. Kitchell

      this is amazing. mark baumer is amazing.

  14. Helen

      If you look at lol too long, it becomes the head and arms of a man drowning in white space.

  15. postitbreakup
  16. deadgod

      vernon davis referee

  17. Timothy Willis Sanders

      ‘all the dunkin donuts in massachusetts….or rhode island…i don’t know’


  18. Jonathan Safran Foer

      Don’t be a bitch, Trey

  19. reynard

      gonna look in my couch, could be a book in there, staring out at no one with its weird, scared little eyes – it’s always the last place you look

  20. mark baumer

      i emailed noah eli gordon to ask if he’s already done this. he said has already written 67 books in 2012.

  21. Jkellstadt

      Everyday yawn.

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