April 28th, 2011 / 8:52 pm
Web Hype

Live Giants 12: Noelle Kocott, Matthew Rohrer, Anthony McCann

You missed the live reading but you can still get in on the nice deal Wave is offering on their books, $10 each.

Noelle Kocot’s The Bigger World

Matthew Rohrer’s Destroyer and Preserver

Anthony McCann’s I Heart Your Fate

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  1. Erik Stinson

      tits or gtfo

  2. effervescence

      that guy was my teacher!

  3. effervescence

      chill dude…

  4. effervescence

      i’m using q-tips while watching

  5. Anonymous
  6. stevie

      Is there a chance of you guys recording these and putting them up on some video hosting site? I tried to watch, but the streaming wasn’t working for me.

      I kept refreshing the connection, but I just ended up watching a commercial for sweet potatoes like eight times. Then I went and bought sweet potatoes for some unexplained, unrelated reason.

  7. firecracker complex
  8. kb

      It was a good show. I’m still repeating something about blue socks in the snow.

  9. stevie


      thanks a million