November 2nd, 2010 / 12:11 pm
Web Hype

New Sixth Finch

Remember how a wave is a loanword from sign language? How poor is a diet of opossums? How sometimes there’s a different kind of power in the afternoon, or you are your own wife (you long to punch yourself), and you cry because you’re dating your friends’ dads and because the fire is beautiful, because you had no desire for work but work found you, such a very productive entrepreneur, all young and dressed in Technicolor, like all the secret gears and the way you have to start the fire yourself. Remember? No? That’s because you haven’t read the new issue of Sixth Finch. Poems. Art. Both. Check it out.



  1. Trey

      Matthew Cusick’s maps are just awesome, the one in this issue is great.

  2. Untilwewokeup


  3. Trey