April 24th, 2013 / 12:52 pm
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Why not just do something cool like Story Tapes

Hey, have y’all seen and heard this Story Tapes project that Eliza Smith and Faith Gardner have put together? They have a sweet logo, and they post interviews/audio/video of writers reading their own stories, or swapping and reading another writer’s stories, and it’s all really nicely produced and soundtracked.

Stories by people like Scott McClanahan, xTx, Delaney Nolan, Dylan Nice, Alissa Nutting, Mary Miller, Sarah Rose Etter, Amber Sparks, Matt Rowan, Lauren Becker, Casey Hannan, Tania Hershman, and some cool new-to-me people like Alicia Mountain, Sean Schlemmer, Josh Denslow, Owen Poindexter, Molly Laich, Megan Kruse, Berit Ellingsen, and more.

More people should do stuff like this. Is this a thing? Are lots of people doing well-designed and steady video/audio reading series things like Story Tapes? Can you post some links in the comments?

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  1. Christopher Higgs
  2. Guest

      ah yes, duh! so good

  3. Mike Young
  4. Mike Young

      ah yes, duh! so good

  5. Guest
  6. Jim Ruland
  7. Ben Mauk

      The Lit Show, based in Iowa City, does weekly interviews with writers that occasionally incorporate readings, as well. It’s at http://www.litshow.com. (Disclaimer – I’m the host)

  8. Mike Young

      sweet, thanks Jim!

  9. Mike Young

      awesome, thxxee ben!

  10. Gabe Durham

      Love thoes Gorskies for their mad fidelity and use of mouthguards that soften the t’s and p’s. Jim did call me a creeper on air, tho.