December 23rd, 2011 / 6:19 pm
Behind the Scenes


  1. Guest Swipe


  2. M. Kitchell

      holy shit, having just accidentally spent ~3 hours reading about “marie calloway” yesterday, i can recognize that this is hella nuanced

  3. Ethan

      oh man, I just read “Adrien Brody” and was gonna comment on Roxane’s post but then I saw this and now I can’t. Well done. I wonder what Adrien Brody thinks of all this.

  4. Ethan

      mild html skills”

  5. Shim Sham

      So the Tao Backlash is underway. Sheesh. Finally.

  6. shaun gannon

      lol did you just get here or something

  7. Jenny

      This was so funny I actually read it three times.

  8. Shim Sham

      Everyone here seems to wish they were Tao Lin.

  9. shaun gannon

      so yes

  10. Shim Sham

      hipster exclusivity?

  11. shawn smalls

      is this real?

  12. Ethan

      Everything is real.

  13. Guest

      Nice to see that Jimmy Chen is still the first one to get a circle jerk started, just like back in high school. Nothing like a parody of something that is a parody to begin with.

  14. Janey Smith

      When you can make a little girl, going through what’s she’s going through, smile–it’s a good thing.

  15. effervescence

      not sure about being alive anymore, but i did like the post jim

  16. shaun gannon

      what is it with all these anonymous commenters pretending they know the posters from high school

  17. shaun gannon

      there has been a consistent amount of tao lin backlash for at least two years (that’s when i started coming here, can’t speak for before then)



  19. nich

      jimbo with the save

  20. Shim Sham

      But not such a backlash that you don’t write exclusively in unpunctuated lowercase letters.

  21. shaun gannon

      oh, so you’re actually just new to the entire internet. welp i’m done here

  22. M. Kitchell

      tao lin definitely invented writing in unpunctuated lowercase letters.

  23. deadgod
  24. deadgod

      wheLps w:a,n]t( typ-O-graph%ical sch+oo=ling><.

  25. Shim Sham

      I would argue that people can popularize things they did not invent. 

  26. mimi

      oldcur skool em

  27. Jonathan Safran Foer

      It’s easy to resent Ms. Calloway. We toil away in obscurity and then to see some pneumatic young woman get pushed to the head of the queue with a few tumblr slut pics… makes the entire indy lit enterprise look like a sham.

  28. Bunny

      not news. we’ve seen that happen since the beginning of time… what’s different here is the gleeful self-proclaimed sociopathy calloway had in publicly humiliating and dissecting her ‘kill’ . and all done fast and dirty on the internet with the guidance of the adorable tao lin team. if a man had done the same thing people would be much more enraged.

  29. Jonathan Safran Foer

      Could there be a male equivalent? Guess the closest mimbo thing I thing I can think of was that gay poet party featured in the New York Times… but if some guy seduced Roxane Gay or something like that, I don’t what the reaction would be like. But there’s a special venom reserved for these young women who manage to pole vault up the hierarchy – it certainly doesn’t help them when they claim their doing it as a feminist act  

  30. Guestagain

      I’ve been doing it since Objective C, also camelCasing

  31. Marie Calloway: This Internet Sensation Is Brought To You By Tao Lin

      […] Jimmy Chen rewrote Adrien Brody as Roman Polanski here. […]

  32. werdfert

      so adrien brody was too busy making a future movie to star in a movie he was actually in. 

  33. Michael Koh

      heheh JC you ARE THE FUCK

  34. Mr. Ian M. Belcurry

      love the relevant parody. unabashed love for the writings of JC

  35. Mr. Ian M. Belcurry

      joy harjo – positive nonsequitar for clarification

  36. Lilzed

      You’re implying that people’s uncomfortable feelings about this Calloway have to do with jealousy. To answer your question, I think the “male equivalent” is often written off as normative behavior and the reality of sociopathy gets buried. I’ve read discussions on the internet that talk about the story’s function as “revenge” on literary heritage / canon / scene, which I see as a legitimate feminist act. 

      But if Calloway really is a sociopath, then this entire discussion you and most of us are having is a diversion.

  37. Roxane

      People do resent overnight success, particularly when they perceive said overnight success as unearned or as bestowed via the power of the pussy. I don’t feel like that’s what’s going on here, at least not wholly. And yes, there is a double standard. If it was some guy who fucked a female writer and then blagged (blogged+ bragged) about it, he’d probably be high-fived. The double standard is wrong but it bothers me that people assume that taking issue with Adrien Brody is in some way trying to silence a young woman or judging her sexuality. That’s too easy an assumption. Perhaps we’re just so used to women being vilified for such things that we’re making that assumption here. I think the reaction is, rightly, more complex.

  38. Guestagain

      I don’t know if you’ve coined blagged (blogged+ bragged) in this sense, but I only know the word as brit slang for tricked, which coincidentally also applies. a number of comments and essays have made points on the double standard for behavior but it would be a disappointing end result for women to reach equality by pulling themselves down to the level of men

  39. Jonathan Safran Foer

      I tend to think women are less susceptible to this kind of thing, at least women in their 30s and 40s, so men can’t really flirt their way into magazines as easily as a pneumatic little lass. I don’t know about the literary merits of the piece, it seemed kind of contrived and shitty to me, but to be fair I’m pretty resistant to feminist themes. I doubt Calloway is a sociopath, she’s just a flirt and Mr. R.H. just hit the apex of his career as a writer.

  40. deadgod

      This whole making-up-new-words thing is really a self-chuckling disaster, and I, for one, am sick up and fed with this partisan bickering, and I don’t care who knows it or who doesn’t like it!  Can’t we all just put our shoulders to the chicken crossing the road and get along??

  41. Guestagain

      I agree deaddeity, can’t we all just get along… island iced tea?

  42. mimi

      have you heard? the new made-up word for nerds who like to make-up new words is “nwerds”  

      and there’s nothing nwerds like to do better than blag  

      (ps – i love you roxy – you’re my favorite bloggurl) 

  43. Roxane


  44. herocious


  45. Frank Irby

      Damn I don’t know what this is making fun of. Not on the scene enough. I liked the films mentioned though, and also Tao Lin novels.


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