August 16th, 2012 / 11:08 am
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Shitty Youth Update

As you may remember, Adam Humphreys, director of Franz Otto Ultimate Highballer and co-designer of these t-shirts, has been working on a documentary about elusive author Zachary German titled Shitty Youth (taken from German’s now-defunct weekly radio show).

I worked with him on the tail end of shooting earlier this summer and have seen some excellent prescreenings of the work.

I received an email from Adam this morning:

Thanks for your continued interest in this project.

Shitty Youth has been something I’ve been pursuing for a while off and on and it is nearing a place where it feels like I am unable to take it any farther and I want to get on with my life.

something something online release near future, more details forthcoming

In the meantime I highly recommend people check out Fi卐hkind, the band, especially the EP “Brooklyn” which was a band I conducted featuring Zachary, Erik Stinson, and you, wherein they can hear Zachary free associating some really brilliant shit.

“College”… is just… wow.

Here’s the logo for the movie [pictured above]. Link to the facebook page if people want to engage:



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  1. Gene Morgan

      Excited about this motherfucker.

  2. Erik Stinson

      HYPE MACHINE GETS CRANKING: ZG in talks with several cans of beer about possible exclusive rights deal to chilling with his cat

  3. shaun gannon

      vidyo games!!!