October 6th, 2011 / 2:57 pm

[Those in Pacific Standard Time, click on image if you want to fucking rock out with me, and turn it up you fags.]

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  1. Mr. Ian M. Belcurry

      Good writing music. Subway eat fresh tag, sweet

  2. Slewin91

      not sure what this is, seems like a cool graphic, wish i had it on a shirt or pants

  3. M. Kitchell

      seems like you need to add the category of “queers in san francisco” that peaks somewhere near the height of “depressed people with jobs at lunch” between 10pm & 1am

  4. Adam Robinson

      How come no one does this with Bauhaus?

  5. alex crowley

      I wish I had a shirt or pants on.

  6. kevocuinn

      this makes me wish it were poss to ‘dislike’ comments

  7. M. Kitchell

      why? as a queer in san francisco i personally love that fact that if i go to a not-lame queer bar with a good dj it is hella likely i will hear at least one joy division song

  8. mimi

      party on

  9. kevocuinn

      ‘Scuse — thought you were being cynical in 1st comment.
      “Grab it while you can, but don’t ever relax”

  10. Guestagain

      or The Cureā€¦ Are assholes mutually exclusive of the other 3 groups? Well, the dead probably no longer have opportunities to be assholes, as far as we know.

  11. werdfert

      this doesn’t seem right: a joy division apex at noon?