August 19th, 2013 / 6:22 pm

Double-Mint Your Reward Prize Publishing Genius 2.0 Kickstarter SWEEPSTAKES


Publishing Genius Press needs no introduction here. We are always loving and writing about PGP books, from “modern classics” like Easter Rabbit by Joe Young and Pee On Water by Rachel B. Glaser, all the way to “instant classics” like Night Moves by Stephanie Barber and Fun Camp by Gabe Durham. PGP is like the utility infielder of small-press literature: it can play any position (genre) reliably and look good while doing it (design). Except with also hitting lots of home runs, home runs with titles like Light Boxes and Meat Heart, if home runs had titles, which in this metaphor they do.

Nor does PGP company man Adam Robinson need an introduction. He writes for here. Here at HTMLGiant, we are always loving his body.

Ho-oh-ho but have you heard about his awesome Kickstarter called “Publishing Genius 2.o?” And have you seen the viral Mr. Rogers-style video of Adam wearing a dashiki? And did you hear they (he? we?) shot over halfway to the $10,000 goal in less than a week because people love PGP and want it to live as long as we both shall live? AND AND AND at every $2000 benchmark, Adam will reveal one of the 5 books that will be released in 2014.

AND DID YOU KNOW THERE WILL BE A CONTEST RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW because we love contests and giveaways at HTMLGiant, so much so that there’s already been one today!

Here’s how this will go: YOU GIVE MONEY to the Kickstarter because of how much you want Publishing Genius to thrive as it launches into its “2.0” stage, or for whatever reason. THEN MAKE A COMMENT HERE indicating that you’ve done so. Then, when the Kickstarter is 24 hours from being over (Sep 10 @ 7:47 pm), I will draw a name from the list of (contributing) commenters (I can easily verify whether you really gave up the dough. I have Adam on speed dial), AND (if you win) I WILL DOUBLE-MINT YOUR REWARD PRIZE. Meaning, whatever level you gave at, I personally will double so you get double-mint the reward (or its equivalent). I will even round up.

So, for example, if you give $60 for an E-Book Subscription (hey, smart choice!), I will contribute enough to bump you up to $125 level where you will have your choice of those rewards (pending availability). OR, if you give $1, for thanks and your name listed, I will contribute another buck and your name will be listed TWICE and you will be thanked doubly in Adam’s heart, once in each ventricle.

Official rules here.

GET GIVING. Don’t forget to comment here!


  1. Adam Robinson

      This is so awesome that I just tried to pledge at the Joe Young Level.

  2. Grant Maierhofer

      i’m so happy that this was posted on here i was getting worried it would never be and that wouldn’t make sense.

  3. nate kobland

      supported because i <3 publishing genius a lot

  4. Ty

      I love several Publishing Genius books and I gave it some $$ so pleez enter me in this contest.

  5. JosephYoung

      Chris Davis is up to 45 Meat Hearts.

  6. Mark Cugini

      Guys I need to know the $6K book. If you donate $25 within the next 2 hours, I will write a poem about your face. This is a good idea because I’m a bad writer but you have a nice face.

  7. Amy McDaniel

      And if you win the contest Mark will also write a poem about the face of America that you show to the world

  8. Mark Cugini

      I will?

  9. Mark Cugini

      ok fine.

  10. daneekasghost

      Giving gotten to.

  11. Brian Nicholson

      Just want to say that the Madeline ffitch collection of short stories should be a good one- Madeline was a playwright/performer in this theater troupe The Missoula Oblongata and while I don’t know what all constituted her contributions to the writing side of those collaborations they were well-written clever pieces always and she was the most compelling performer to watch.

  12. Mike Young

      Madeline’s collection is SO good. I am Power Ranger summoning Rachel Glaser and Heather Christle—among many others—to agree with me. Missoula Oblongota is/was amazing too. My brain felt returned to glory every time I watched any of their ragtag miracles.

  13. russ woods

      I donated $25 bucks. Enter me in your drawring.

  14. Carolyn DeCarlo

      I pledged.

  15. Tyler Crumrine

      Slipping in $25 towards the Destiny Dreamers Damn Good Job Adam Excellent Overflow Discretionary Dollars Fund because wowza very exciting success and season.

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  17. Amy McDaniel

      Carolyn, you won! I doubled your contribution and Adam will be in touch to find out what you want as your additional reward (and you also get your original choice!) Congratulations and thanks for playing!

  18. Carolyn DeCarlo

      Awesome! Thank you so much! Looking forward to that poem from Mark, too ;)