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Lonely Octopus Response

1. Fantastic new story by Lonely Christopher at Fanzine, “That Which,” from his forthcoming book The Mechanics of Homosexual Intercourse, out next year on Little House on the Bowery.

2. The 14th issue of Octopus is out, and brimming. Also congrats to the three selected works for publication from their recent open submissions: The Black Forest by Christopher DeWeese, Dear Jenny, We Are All Find by Jenny Zhang, and Conception by Rebecca Farivar.

3. At Montevidayo, Johannes Göransson wrote an interesting response to Daniel Nester’s ‘On Bullshitting,’ which apparently really pissed DN off. Why are people so touchy about online interaction? It seems like eating pizza without the calories. There are lots of other rooms.

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October 14th, 2010 / 2:01 pm

At We Who Are About to Die, Daniel Nester has compiled 13 lessons about doing a book (writing, promoting, etc). Really worthwhile stuff, from the funny “Don’t read more than 15 minutes [at a reading]. Any longer than that is a hostage situation.” to a point that I needed to hear at this exact moment: “Remember the times you were writing the book and had rushes of joy from putting words and sentences together. “

Daniel Nester has created a group lit etc. blog, We Who Are About to Die. Contributors include Melissa Broder, Nate Pritts, Michael Schiavo and others. Check it out.

Two Debuts This Week by Authors We Like, from Venerable Indie Presses We Also Like


Sucks to be me this week, sort of. Now, granted, I was just paid to spend a long weekend in Colorado talking literature, eating great food, and cheerfully screwing around. But the resulting logjam of review-work and teaching-work (plus the upcoming Doomsday Film Festival & Symposium this weekend, about which, more later) caused me to miss not one, but two awesome parties this week. This first, on Tuesday, celebrated the release of Rachel Sherman’s debut novel, Living Room, now available from Open City. The second, last night, was for Daniel Nester’s prose debut, a self-help guide from Soft Skull entitled How to be Inappropriate.

Luckily, even though I missed the parties, I’ve got the books sitting here in front of me. And I swear to Christ, as soon as this death’s head of a month has passed me over, I’m going to read the hell out of ’em. But no need for you to wait for me on this one. Ya’ll should get to it right now. Also, be sure to check both authors’ tour schedules (respective clicking above will take you there). Rachel is reading all over NYC throughout this month and next, at Cakeshop, KGB, and elsewhere. Nester doesn’t seem to have as many dates on his docket, so maybe you should invite him to come read for you. Here’s a taste of his book from McSweeeney’s.

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October 22nd, 2009 / 11:31 am



Has anyone else been checking out “The best Books of the Millenium (So Far) at The Millions? Plenty to fight about there!

Last week I posted a poem Mark Bibbins wrote with D.A. Powell. Today I have an interview that Travis Nichols conducted with D.A. Powell.

Dan Nester wrote a fascinating essay about the New York poetry scene, and his disenchantment with same. If this is a taste of his forthcoming book, How to be Inappropriate, then I’m hereby predicting great things.

At The Rumpus, Rozi Jovanovic has a long interview with Tao Lin.

Also, in case you missed it when it was new last week, Dennis Cooper posted 15 stories and poems by Joe Brainard.

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September 29th, 2009 / 12:14 pm