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Some books I read this yr.

The other day I was eating from a large tin of popcorn. Someone asked which is your favorite. Thru chews I said I like them all / for different reasons. That’s how I feel about these books.

the law of genre

“the law of genre”


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December 28th, 2013 / 10:05 pm

Great Translations of 2009

NPR posts their 5 picks for best foreign fiction this year. A nice idea, but would have liked to see more.


Here are a few other 2009 releases I read in translation this year and would highly recommend:

Homage to Czerny by Gert Jonke [Dalkey Archive]
The Other City by Michal Ajvaz [Dalkey Archive]
With Deer by Aase Berg (trans. Johannes Göransson) [Black Ocean]
Tranquility by Attila Bartis [Archipelago]
Killing Kanoko by Hiromi Ito [Action Books]
Jerusalem by Goncalo M. Tavares [Dalkey Archive]
Conquest of the Useless by Werner Herzog [HarperCollins]
Babyfucker by Urs Allemann [Les Figues]
Wittgenstein’s Nephew by Thomas Bernhard [Vintage]

What are some of your favorite translations or works from nonamerican authors from this year?

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December 6th, 2009 / 11:52 pm