rachel b glaser

Mike Young and Rachel B. Glaser, talking

Mike and Rachel met in 2007 in the popular Northampton hangout “Hugo’s.”  They were both friends with the charismatic Chris Cheney and all three were enrolled in the Umass-Amherst MFA program.  One year Rachel lived with Cheney and a bunch of troubled cats.  Mike lived really far away.  The next year Rachel lived with Mike in a clean looking apartment (like repainted recently and tastefully and blandly) that they kept pretty messy.  Then Rachel moved to a big polluted fancy loft space and Mike stayed in his collapsed book palace.  Then they got their books (Pee On Water and We Are All Good if They Try Hard Enough) published by Publishing Genius as part of Publishing Genius’s ‘platonic friends publishing plan.’

* * *

Rachel: Why didn’t we hang anything in our apartment?

Mike: hahaha i am not sure, i thought we did
we hung that poster behind the TV
i feel like there was at least one painting in our living room

Rachel: The ‘painting’ you are referring to, is this switch plate cover that my cousin made that was instead of a normal light switch cover.

Mike: ah yes!
that was it

Mike: hmm ok let me think of a question READ MORE >

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December 13th, 2010 / 2:43 pm

Nerds In A Van

East of the Mississippi? You won’t want to miss the Glaser/Lyalin/Young tour that’s ravaging the right side of the map.

6/16 – Philly
6/17 – DC
6/18 – Richmond
6/21 – Atlanta
6/22 – Durham
6/24 – Baltimore

Get all the dates and links and stuff from Mike’s blog.

That DC reading is an exciting one – it will be the first in the new series from Barrelhouse. The concept is to feature presses/journals, not just individual writers. That is a sensible way to create a good reading; if the publisher has a good aesthetic, the reading will showcase their authors and the event will make good flow. Future presses with Barrelhouse readings coming up include Dzanc, Rose Metal, and Artifice. This one on June 17 (this Thursday) features Publishing Genius and, now in their 7th year, Narrow House (click for a SICK 7th year special offer — 7 things for the price of 1).

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June 14th, 2010 / 11:58 am

“Though alien to the world’s ancient past, young blood runs similar circles. All those bones are born from four grandparents. Baby teeth and baby teeth all down the line. Jackets didn’t used to zip up. There wasn’t a single door. The ground sits around us dumb and keeping secrets.”

Now available for pre-order | Advance Copies Available May 24

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May 13th, 2010 / 2:30 pm

NOÖ 9 is righteous like Psalm 69, believe that

ministry-psalm69New NOÖ for 09, ladies n gentz. Get at it:

Welcome to 2009. To celebrate, NOÖ [9] is now out: noojournal.com. New features: Ryan Call as Associate Editor, handkerchiefs, reviews, a blog (noojournal.blogspot.com), and sleep sounds.

The new issue features prose, poems, art, and otherwise from: Nick Antosca, Deborah Blakely, Vic Cavalli, John Casey, Jimmy Chen, Christopher Cheney, Tanya Chernov, Jack Christian, Bryan Coffelt, Brooklyn Copeland, Michael DeForge, Gabe Durham, Rachel B. Glaser, Evelyn Hampton, Kyle Hemmings, Michael Hsiung Grace Jamison, Mike Jauchen, Greg Lytle, Erika Mikkalo,, Patricia Parkinson, Adam Peterson, Ashley Reaks, Bradley Sands, Peter Jay Shippy, Randy Thurman, Jono Tosch, and Rebecca Volinsky.

Thanks for reading. Print copies coming in ~3 weeks. Let us know if there’s any good spot near you to distribute free literature.

Also be sure to check out Magic Helicopter Press (http://www.magichelicopterpress.com). There are chapbooks from Mary Miller and Benjamin Buchholz available.

We’re going to be sharing a table at AWP Chicago in February with Publishing Genius and Lamination Colony. We’ll have an RC helicopter. Literature of shenanigans. Maybe we’ll see you there.

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January 2nd, 2009 / 2:06 am

In Profile: Rachel B. Glaser

Kelly Spitzer’s ongoing writers in profile project is always a fun one: this week she tackles the badass Ms. Rachel B. Glaser, who if I continue to harp on about how good her PEE ON WATER story in the new New York Tyrant is, somebody will probably think I’m obsessed.

My PEE ON WATER tattoo is on my ass specifically so no one but the real reals get to see it. And whoever’s at the bar when I get happy.

I like Rachel’s attitude about messing around with people in writing, and so forth. Her blog has some archived writing and etc. Do it.

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October 23rd, 2008 / 2:01 pm

Rachel B Glaser

Rachel BubblerRising literary fiction star and sinus headache Cheerios consumer Rachel B Glaser has started a new blog. Currently up are two stories previously published in Columbia and [sic]: “Michael Jordan, in general” and “The Sad Girlfriend.” Soon Glaser will be interviewed by all-star Kelly Spitzer. She also has stories recent or forthcoming in New York Tyrant, Barrelhouse, and American Short Fiction.

Asked for a quote, Glaser said: “It smells weird because I just turned on the oven then I turned it off.”

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October 1st, 2008 / 5:04 pm