December 28th, 2011 / 9:00 pm
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Watch the ALT LIT GOSSIP 2011 Awards Broadcast

ALT LIT GOSSIP ran a live awards broadcast hosted by Steve Roggenbuck. Below you can watch the archive footage.

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  1. Jordan

      to me, noah cicero or sam pink won best alt lit novel

      to me, noah cicero and brittany wallace won prom king/queen

      to me, mallory whitten and i won best chapbook (‘cute’), but frank hinton keeps it 100 so S/O to her

      to me, i won best alt lit moment via 1.) trying to rip my dick off on video or 2.) punching megan in the face, but tao and megan keep it 100 sho S/O to them

  2. postitbreakup

      go steve and go dennis

  3. postitbreakup

      i don’t think you spammed your shit enough during the chat, better do it more on here

  4. Jordan
  5. Justin
  6. arnie

      LIEK. LIEV YR LIEFs good job every1 <3 u br0ggenbuck

  7. Noah Cicero

      I think Steve did a great job.  We all got drunk and had a good time.  

  8. Michael Koh

      i like this

  9. Mason Johnson

      Christ am I glad the punching video didn’t win.

  10. Mason Johnson

      Needed more of the cat, but was otherwise fun.

  11. Michael J Seidlinger

      For me, the theme of the night was “get completely wasted watching text scroll upwards faster than you can possibly read it.”

  12. Tummler

      Ohio Chatroom Takeover 2011

  13. arnie

      I don’t even drink and I had a hard time keeping up. I’ve never seen 90+ ppl in one chat. epic outcome + v impressive engagement of audience/community as always by Steve! Booost

  14. Whatisinevidence

      Nice to know there is a literary ‘milieu’ that is the rough equivalent to comments on news stories.  The weird thing is that a few of you are good writers…

      Bad internet irony is not poetry.

  15. arnie

      define poetry

  16. Whatisinevidence

      I don’t really want to type up page 938 of the New Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, but it is a good definition.

  17. Josh Spilker
  18. Jordan


  19. Jordan


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  21. Jeff Cutts

      Hi there,
      I have been following you for sometime now but have always been hesitant to comment so I thought it was time.
      Your posts are always very informative and have been of great help to me, especially when I have been looking for ideas to use in my projects ..I hope you don’t mind.
      With thanks Jeff.