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Behind the Scenes & I Like __ A Lot

The best HTMLGIANT posts as chosen by you the readers of HTMLGIANT or at least some of you

Last November, I put out a call for the best HTMLGIANT posts. Folks responded, and then the thread devolved into a perplexing debate about Noam Chomsky and Gilles Deleuze. Nonetheless I combed through all of it to bring you the results (which I think especially appropriate now, after No Comments Week).

By far, the most votes went to:

Elisa Gabbert & Mike Young: Moves in Contemporary Poetry

In fact, it was the only post that received multiple votes!

And here are the rest, presented alphabetically:

A D Jameson:

A Dozen Dominants: The Current State of US Indy Lit

Amy McDaniel:

Some Notes on Affect

Blake Butler:

All pigshit is writing.

HTMLGIANT’s 400 Under 1

Shit I Don’t Like About Writers & Writing

The Myth of the Human w/r/t David Foster Wallace’s ‘Mister Squishy’

22 Things I Learned from Submitting Writing

25 Important Books of the 00s

Chelsea Martin:

Wigger Chick

Christopher Higgs:

Against Answers: A Conversation with Kyle Minor

What is Experimental Literature? {Five Questions with Miranda Mellis}

Impossible Mike:

An Issue of Desire in its Relation to the Textual Subject/Object

Expanded Literature Part 1: Internet Literature




Jimmy Chen:

Expired Domain Girl


Justin Taylor:

Tables of Contents for The Quarterly, issue 1 – 25

J Wang:

Lineage: justifiable matricide vs. I mothered you hoes

On hand jobs, AWP, the internet, truck drivers, and embodied living

Ken Baumann:

The Beginner’s Guide to Deleuze

Michael Kimball:

Guest Lecture Series (1): Openings

Guest Lecture #2: Keeping Going

Guest Lecture #3: The Rough Parts

Guest Lecture #4: Story and Plot

Guest Lecture #5: Language and Sentences

Mike Young:

Magazine Databases-Magazine Debasers

There was also an impassioned plea for the Boobs Friday archive, which you can find by searching the site for “boobs.”

Finally, for added value (as well as comparison’s sake), here are the 50 most popular posts in HTMLGIANT history (i.e., the ones that have received the most page views):

  1. J Wang: The expurgation of the clitoris in the diary of Anne Frank
  2. Jimmy Chen: Expired Domain Girl
  3. Amy McDaniel: Found-ish Poetry: The Sorted Books Project
  4. Amy McDaniel: Grammar Challenge!
  5. Jimmy Chen: The Painter
  6. Amy McDaniel: Grammar Challenge: Answers and Explanations
  7. Blake Butler: Visceral Readings: The Sluts
  8. Jimmy Chen: Sartre publishes ‘The Wall’ on his facebook wall
  9. Jimmy Chen: Raskolnikov’s inbox
  10. Jimmy Chen: Boob Friday Halloween Special Haiku Contest
  11. Michael Schaub: Power Quote: W. S. Merwin
  12. Roxane Gay: Another Random List of Things
  13. Blake Butler: Mike Tyson on Writing
  14. Blake Butler: The Myth of the Human w/r/t David Foster Wallace’s ‘Mister Squishy’
  15. Jimmy Chen: Author venn diagram
  16. Blake Butler: 22 Things I Learned from Submitting Writing
  17. Mike Young: Moves in Contemporary Poetry
  18. Blake Butler: 25 Important Books of the 00s
  19. Brian Foley: 25 Important Books of Poetry of the 00s
  20. pr: ‘Parker’s Back’ by Flannery O’Connor
  21. Blake Butler: HTMLGIANT’s 400 Under 1
  22. Lily Hoang: pla(y)giarism versus plagiarism
  23. Blake Butler: Boobs Friday: Noy Holland
  24. Reynard Seifert: Tentacles Are Hair You Wear On Your Spleen, Ideally
  25. pr: You want ice cream and bags of chips and chocolate and blood and guts and drugs and sex and cigarettes
  26. Jimmy Chen: A Book Lover’s Guide to IKEA seating
  27. Blake Butler: Gucci Mane vs. Young Jeezy
  28. Justin Taylor: Hey, want to be in a book? … Get in the chair.
  29. Brandon Scott Gorrell, Ryan Call, & Gene Morgan: A Review of Reviews of Shoplifting From American Apparel
  30. Roxane Gay: The Price of Revelation
  31. Blake Butler: DFW Praise Compendium
  32. Jordan Castro: Some Thoughts Re Muumuu House
  33. Blake Butler: James Joyce does not exist
  34. Blake Butler: HTMLGIANT’s Tournament of Bookshit
  35. Roxane Gay: A Profound Sense of Absence
  36. Christopher Higgs: BlazeVOX Goes Vanity Press?
  37. Justin Taylor: A Million Little Top 3′s: The 2009 List of Lists
  38. Michael Schaub: The 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature: Let’s Bet Cash Money on This
  40. Blake Butler: BOOBS FRIDAY; Kendra is going as full erections across America
  41. Blake Butler: 12 New Tao Lin
  42. Blake Butler: Famous Authors ‘Nude’
  43. Christopher Higgs: Art, Crime, Beauty, Murder
  44. pr: Sonnets for Saturday
  45. Christopher Higgs: BlazeVOX Update
  46. Roxane Gay: Seriously, Though… Some Thoughts on Writers Who Take Themselves Seriously
  47. Matthew Simmons: Tin House
  48. Roxane Gay: Taking No For An Answer: Some New Thoughts on Self-Publishing
  49. Jimmy Chen: God damn it
  50. Blake Butler: Everything I Submitted from 2006-2008 & What Happened To It

… That’s out of the roughly 7000 posts that have been published since 26 September 2008, 11:38am. (If you want the actual numbers, you’ll have to buy me something.)


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  1. Jess Dutschmann

      So many Mikes!

  2. marshall mallicoat

      the infamous wigger chick

      does anyone have screencaps

  3. A D Jameson

      When I was in college, my social circle had “too many Mikes,” so each one got an adjectival nickname. The only one I remember now is “Evil Mike.” Which is what I think of whenever I see “Impossible Mike.”

  4. A D Jameson

      Srsly tho: isn’t Michael the most common name for white guys born in the 1970s and 80s?

  5. Trey

      wow, nobody voted for “mean week is your week too, I guess”?

  6. Jess Dutschmann

      It always makes me think of “endless Mike” from pete and pete

  7. Anonymous

      Just a friendly reminder that the marvelous Mike Young wrote, in the winning post: “Many thanks to Elisa Gabbert for the bulk of the work on this list.” So, yes, I will be telling my grandchildren that I wrote the best post on HTML Giant. Thanks guys!

  8. Elisa Gabbert

      Just a friendly reminder that the marvelous Mike Young wrote, in the
      winning post: “Many thanks to Elisa Gabbert for the bulk of the work on
      this list.” So, yes, I will be telling my grandchildren that I wrote the
      best post on HTML Giant. Thanks guys!

  9. Elisa Gabbert

      P.S.  I have no idea who Alex_Worthing is. Feel free to delete the first version of that comment.

  10. Mike Young

      yep, as elisa points out, the moves were a collaborative dance compilation infomercial with two people hosting. much thanks to everybody for the lurv.

  11. Elisa Gabbert

      I can’t wait to hear how much we get paid.

  12. A D Jameson

      If they did, I didn’t see it.

  13. deadgod

      “[D]ebate about Noam Chomsky and Gilles Deleuze”??